“Your chest while sleeping”… Pastor helping defector accused of sexually harassing female student

The police launched an investigation after allegations메이저사이트 that pastor A in his 60s, who has been receiving attention from the domestic and international media for helping North Koreans escape from North Korea for about 20 years, sexually molested teenage female defectors several times.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Women’s Youth Crime Investigation Unit announced on the 2nd that they had booked her A on charges of violating the Child and Adolescent Sexual Protection Act and banned her from leaving the country. Since 2018, she is accused of molesting students at an alternative boarding school for North Korean defectors, of which she is the principal .

On the 20th of last month, the police received a complaint from three female victims and searched and seized a school in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, and are analyzing the dormitory CCTV . The police believe that a total of 8 people have suffered sexual crimes so far, including the 3 people who filed the complaint, and plan to call in Mr. A for investigation soon.

The victim students stated the specific damage situation through KBS that day. Ms. B, who has lived in the school dormitory for many years, said, “I was taking a nap during lunchtime, and (Mr. A) came up and took it and sat on the bed (Bed) and put his hand inside the curtain and touched her breasts and belly. While doing so, she had a conversation with a friend right in front of her. She was so embarrassed that she couldn’t move,” he insisted. “(Other) older sisters also touched their stomachs, and (some) kids put their hands in their underwear and touched their breasts.” Miss B is currently in a state of resignation.

Another victim C said that Mr. A’s suspicious contact started five years ago. pressed,” he told the media. Regarding the reason for not being able to ask for help from her family, she said, “My mother also lived a very difficult life. North Korea, China and Korea. She said, “I think my mother will be too stressed and hard because of me.”Mr. A helped more than 1,000 North Koreans defect from North Korea in 1999 and was introduced to foreign media as the ‘Asian Schindler’. Mr. A denied the allegation of sexual harassment, saying, “It is not true,” and told KBS that “the criminal procedure is in progress and the people involved are children, so I am careful . ”

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