It’s not “lady”, please call me ‘housekeeping manager’

These are domestic workers who are called by메이저사이트 various titles such as ‘Ajumma’, ‘Housekeeper’, and ‘ Auntie’.

Since most middle-aged and older women are engaged in this job, the above title would have become a common term to refer to them.

However, there is a perception that being called by such a name does not give enough respect professionally, and the need for a new title that reflects professionalism and self-esteem has been steadily raised, especially in the labor world.

Accordingly, the ‘Household Service Comprehensive Support Center’, an agency entrusted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, investigated the ‘name preference’ of domestic workers for about three weeks from June 16th.

As a result of field opinions of domestic workers and public preference surveys, it was found that 42.5% of 10,623 participants preferred the title ‘housekeeper (manager)’ the most.

Following that, preference was given to the titles of ‘household manager’ (29.3%) and ‘housekeeper’ (28.2%).

Based on the results of the survey, the Ministry of Employment and Labor also said, “We request that you use ‘housekeeper (manager)’ as a new title for domestic workers,” and “we will provide an opportunity to change the perception of domestic workers.”

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