A 600 million won lawsuit against a teenage boy who posted a video of licking a soy sauce bottle… Japanese sushi restaurant, after all

It is known that Japan’s famous conveyor belt sushi franchise메이저사이트 ‘Sushiro’ filed a lawsuit for damages of about 67 million yen (about 600 million won) against a teenage boy who filmed and posted a video of him licking a soy sauce bottle in the store, but withdrew it.

According to Japanese local media reports on the 2nd (local time), such as the Tokyo Shimbun and the Sankei Shimbun, the lawsuit filed by Sushiro for damages was settled at the Osaka District Court on the 31st of last month.

Regarding this, Sushiro’s side said, “Boy A admitted responsibility and reconciled with an acceptable content.”

Earlier, in March, Sushiro filed a lawsuit for damages of 67 million yen against boy A, who posted a video of the so-called ‘sushi terror’ on social media . At the time, Sushiro claimed that the video caused enormous damage, such as a decrease in customers and a drop in stock prices.

In January, at a store in Sushiro, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, group A was seen doing unhygienic acts such as licking the mouth of a soy sauce bottle and the rim of a bowl, and licking the tip of a bowl with saliva and poking sushi passing on a rail with a finger. posted on social media .

The video spread quickly, and at that time, the stock price of Sushiro’s parent company fell by nearly 5%, and about 160 billion won in market cap evaporated in one day. Some stores have removed the rotating rails, a symbol of sushi restaurants, in the aftermath of the controversy.

Group A asked for the dismissal of the claim, saying, “I am spending every day reflecting.”

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