It’s pitch dark in 30 minutes… Working on a greenhouse in the middle of the day, experiencing it myself

The elderly are especially at risk if they work for a long time in a plastic greenhouse in this kind of weather. Our reporter in his late 20s worked in a plastic greenhouse메이저사이트 during the day, and the temperature rose to 40 degrees, making it unbearable.

Reporter Yoon Jeong-ju covered the story.


I took my body temperature in front of a greenhouse under the sunlight.

My already hot body was 37.2 degrees, slightly over the normal body temperature.

The temperature right now is 34 degrees.

Inside the white plastic greenhouses lined up under the blazing sun, it is even hotter, reaching nearly 40 degrees.

At 3:00 PM, a little out of the hottest time, we start picking tomatoes.

[Tomato farm owner: I think you can pick this one. {Should I get this one?}]

The hot air quickly wraps around the body.

It sounds like an easy task, but you have to use your whole body as you bend and straighten your body over and over again.

[Tomato farm owner: {If you don’t pick the ripe ones, you can’t.} If you don’t pick them, they’ll all burst.] I’ve

been in for 30 minutes, and I’m covered in sweat.

Continue working.

My face gets hot and I start to feel a little dizzy.

I’m short of breath.

[Tomato farm owner: {I’ll pick as many as I can.} Oh, no. You can stop.]

It’s harder because I’m not used to the job.

After working for an hour, I checked the changes in my body.

Body temperature rose by more than 1.5 degrees, and heart rate and blood pressure also increased noticeably.

The skin turned red and the dizziness intensified.

Body changes were evident even for adult men in their 20s.

Older people are at greater risk if they work long hours.

[Son Won-cheol/Gyeongsan Fire Department Jain 119 Safety Center: Please drink water. Wouldn’t it be better to bring something like an ice vest with you? ]

Especially if you work alone, there is no one to report in an unexpected situation.

You need to take frequent breaks and work together.

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