“I should rest at 50 degrees”… This country declared a holiday for two days, the heatwave continues

The Iranian government declared a public holiday for two days when a heat wave of around 50 degrees was predicted. Iranian government spokesman Bahadori Zahromias said on the 1st메이저놀이터 (local time) that ministers had agreed to the proposal of the Ministry of Health to designate the second and third days as holidays to protect public health from the heatwave, according to Iranian state-run IRNA news

agency . .

The Meteorological Agency of Iran predicted that the highest daytime temperature in the southwest region would approach 50 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature in other regions is expected to exceed 40 degrees.

In the southwest region of Iran, more than 1,000 people were hospitalized due to heat waves.

The Iranian Ministry of Health has advised people to stay indoors and refrain from outdoor activities as much as possible from 10 am to 4 pm when there is a high risk of heatstroke.

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