“We’ve been married for 3 years, legally we’re still husband and wife”… ‘Smart’ couples delaying marriage registration

“These days, it’s smart not to register your marriage right away after getting married.”

Ms. Kim (25, female, living in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province), who was about to get married after a five-year relationship, had a fight with her recent boyfriend. This is because there was a conflict of opinion about when to register the marriage.

The Kim couple’s wedding is approaching, but her newlywed home is not ready yet. He decided that it would be better to postpone marriage registration in order to buy a house as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the groom-to-be suggested that they should register their marriage in order to become a couple, but ultimately decided to follow Mr. Kim’s opinion.

Mr. Kim said, “When I thought about getting married, I realized I needed to own a house,” and argued, “(If I postpone marriage registration), I can receive financial benefits and meet the terms of the subscription, so my choice is a wise one.”

As such, the number of newlyweds who are planning to get married or are delaying marriage registration even if they are already married is on the rise.

According to Statistics Korea’s ‘2022 Marriage and Divorce Statistics’, the number of marriages last year was 192,000. It is the lowest level ever since statistics began to be compiled in the 1970s. However, considering the Kim couple case, it is estimated that there are actually more married couples.

The reason newlyweds delay registering their marriage is related to housing issues such as loans or subscriptions. This is because, due to the nature of the policy, when housing prices are already high, if you register your marriage, your chances of receiving a loan at a lower interest rate may decrease than if you did not.

Newlyweds believe that delaying marriage registration is a wise choice in reality. On the other hand, some members of the older generation view this phenomenon with concern.

◇Marriage is at a disadvantage for both subscription and loans… “You have to think smartly about reality.”

Loans and subscriptions are typical examples of marriage being a disadvantage.

The representative loan product is the ‘Youth-only Support Lease Fund Loan’. This product is popular because the Housing and Urban Fund lends deposits to young people at a low interest rate of 1-2% per year.

However, unmarried people can receive a loan if their individual annual income is less than 50 million won, but if their combined annual income exceeds 50 million won (60 million won for newlyweds), they are not eligible for a loan.

As with the support deposit loan, there are many cases where the combined income of a dual-income household and the income requirements of a single person are not significantly different.

Moreover, even in the case of housing subscriptions메이저사이트, dual-income households are subject to less favorable income conditions when combined as a married couple than single income earners.

On the contrary, because housing prices are still very high, some people who are about to get married or newlyweds are postponing marriage registration in the name of realistically looking for a new home.

Mr. Kim said, “Postponing marriage registration is thinking about reality,” and added, “Registering marriage just because you are married is now a thing of the past.” He then sighed, “Now, I live in a world where I have to do my own research smartly to make a profit.”

Mr. Kim (32, living in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province), who has been married for over a year but has not yet registered his marriage, also said, “We both received support loans,” and added, “It was much easier to raise money for a newlywed house because we both received loans together.” He said.

He added, “I think it was a smart choice because not registering our marriage doesn’t mean we’re strangers. Now, once the housing issue is resolved, we’ll register our marriage right away.”

◇”Trying to start with everything ready… a natural phenomenon according to the times” Evaluations are divided. While the

middle-aged generation who see the younger generation trying to postpone marriage registration react with concern, some say that it is a natural phenomenon according to the times.

Mr. Choi (49), who has children of marriageable age, pointed out, “Marriage in today’s generation is definitely different from our generation,” and “We are ready to start with everything.”

At the same time, she said, “I think it’s a learning effect of people,” and added, “Since our country has been through the IMF and has gone through several difficult times, it seems that we are reluctant to take a dangerous path. It is a natural phenomenon according to the times.”

Experts also believed that if it is beneficial to delay marriage registration in a situation where house prices are high, it is natural to do so.

Lim Jae-man, a professor of real estate at Sejong University, said, “In the past, if you worked for a long time, your salary would go up, and if you saved, there was hope that you could buy a house in about 10 years.” He diagnosed, “As a result, I end up putting off registering my marriage.”

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