He said, “It’s not a breakup”… 54-year-old girlfriend who gave birth to Al Pacino’s son explains why she went to court

Fox News reported on the 7th (local time) that Noor Alfalah (29), 안전놀이터the young girlfriend of veteran Hollywood actor Al Pacino (83), who is 54 years younger, applied to the court for custody of their son Roman Pacino. .

Alfala gave birth to Roman Pacino last June, about three months ago.

Fox News reported that Alfalah requested the right to physically raise the child alone while sharing legal rights. Fox News also said that he would give the child’s father, Al Pacino, a reasonable right to see Roman.

According to court documents, they currently live in different residences. In relation to this, an official from Al Pacino explained, “The two have reached an agreement regarding their child Roman. Many people are asking, ‘Have they broken up?’ but they are still together.”

When asked why Alfalah applied for custody when they were still in a romantic relationship, he avoided giving a direct answer, saying, “You will have to ask Alfalah about that issue.”

Previously, on the 27th of last month, Alfalah posted a photo of her baby’s small hand on Instagram and wrote, “The greatest blessing of my life. Roman,” he wrote.

Al Pacino, who rose to stardom by playing the main character Michael Corleone in the movie ‘The Godfather’ (1972), won the Academy Award for Best Actor in ‘Scent of a Woman’ in 1993.

Al Pacino has a daughter, Julie Marie (33), and twin siblings, Anton and Olivia (22), with two former lovers, and Roman is his fourth child.

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