Another teacher in Daejeon who suffered “three years of suffering from malicious complaints”… Teacher dies in Cheongju too

Amid a series of teacher deaths following the death of an elementary school teacher in Seocho-gu, Seoul, a teacher in his 40s died from an extreme decision at an elementary school in Daejeon. It is known that the deceased teacher suffered from complaints from parents for several years and complained of mental stress.

On the 8th, the Daejeon Yuseong Police Station announced that Mr. S (42), a teacher at an elementary school in Daejeon, made an extreme choice at home at around메이저사이트 9:20 pm on the 5th and was transported to the hospital, but died two days later on the 7th. S The teacher’s husband said in a police investigation, “His wife suffered from malicious complaints, including being accused of child abuse by a parent at the elementary school where she worked three years ago. “He was acquitted and moved to school, but the mental trauma he experienced at the time was so severe that he received hospital treatment,” he said.

Teacher S, who has been teaching for 20 years, is known to have suffered from malicious complaints from some parents at an elementary school where he worked in 2019. At the time, Teacher It is reported that teacher S was reported to the police. Teacher S was cleared of child abuse charges in October 2020, a year later.

An official from the Daejeon Teachers’ Union said, “The deceased suffered for three years because of the problems that arose after the students (the first grader who was the homeroom teacher) moved up to a higher grade. Parents continued to complain that it was ‘because of the first grader’s homeroom teacher’.” Teacher S received psychiatric treatment for the incident at the time, and it is said that he suffered from memories of past pain after recently learning about the death of a teacher in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

The teachers’ group called for an investigation into the truth about Teacher S’s death and for measures to be taken for teachers suffering from disputes that occurred during educational activities. Daejeon Teachers’ Union Chairman Lee Yun-kyung issued a press release that day, urging, “The Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education must clearly reveal the cause of the teacher’s death and prepare measures to prevent something like this from happening again.” The National Teachers and Education Workers Union also issued an appeal, saying, “Establish a special organization in each city/provincial office of education to fully investigate cases of teachers suffering due to malicious complaints, reports of child abuse allegations, or civil and criminal lawsuits from parents.”

Meanwhile, on this day, Mr. A, an elementary school teacher in his 30s, was found dead in a flower bed in an apartment in Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, North Chungcheong Province. Teacher A, who moved to an elementary school in Cheongju last March and took over as homeroom teacher, had been on leave since the middle of last month after taking sick leave in mid-June. The police believe that the deceased teacher A made an extreme choice and are investigating the cause and circumstances of the accident.

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