“We can’t handle it if it provokes armed forces” America’s hidden intentions

■ Host: Anchor Bo-ri Yoon, Anchor Chae-un Jeong
■ Appearance: Hyun-do Park, Professor Daewoo, Euromena Research Institute, Sogang University

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◇Anchor>Israel predicted a large-scale ground war, but while there were no clear signs of an armed conflict, Hamas, the Palestinian armed political faction that started the armed conflict, released two American mothers and daughters they had taken hostage. Park Hyun-do, Professor Daewoo of Sogang University’s Euromena Institute, will summarize the recent situation in the Middle East. hello. Israel has now announced the deployment of ground troops in the Gaza Strip. You said you would do it in three stages. Could you please explain in detail?

◆Park Hyun-do> I thought it would go in right away, but it seems스포츠토토 that it was probably coordinated with the United States. So the airstrikes have continued now, haven’t they? The war started. So this is step 1. I don’t know how far the first stage will go, but in fact, doing one more stage would be a bit cruel. Because so much has been destroyed. In this situation, I think I will take a breather and then move on to the ground battle. That’s the second one. I don’t use the word ‘ground war’ because I’m saying we will eventually eliminate Hamas. We will eliminate resistance groups, including Hamas. But I’m not sure when I’ll get in. If the third round ends like this and all forces are gone, won’t only the Gaza residents remain? However, Israel has been supplying electricity and drinking water to Gaza residents. I won’t do that. So from now on, let’s go and let the people live on their own. What I mean by that is that we haven’t talked about it, but in that case, we are actually going to that stage, which is the basic stage of building a Palestinian state. So, there is no word on whether the Palestinian Authority should use its power to do it, or whether Egypt or neighboring countries should do it, but ultimately, Israel will withdraw its hand.

◇Anchor>But if we enter into a ground war, isn’t Israel bound to get hurt as well?

◆Park Hyeon-do> I have no choice but to wear it. Of course you have no choice but to wear it. Because this is a fortress war. And Hamas is a group of people who have lived there for decades, and even if Israel conducts aerial warfare and is able to identify the terrain, they cannot know it better than the people living there. So, the damage to Israel will likely be significant, so if Israel engages in a ground war, the longer it goes on, the more damage it will cause and the worse public opinion within the country will become.

◇Anchor>Then, even if ground troops are deployed, should we consider that this is not something that will be occupied for a long period of time?

◆Park Hyeon-do> The occupation itself is foolish. So Israel ruled out occupation itself from the beginning. If I were to fight on the ground, I think I would only kill the leaders and other targets that can be eliminated as quickly as possible. If it goes on for even a little longer or delays, civilian casualties will naturally occur and it will stimulate nearby countries such as Lebanon or Iran or armed forces. And even if it’s not there, Saudi Arabia or something else, public sentiment will be completely aroused. I can’t afford that. So, in fact, it would be best not to go in, and the United States will probably be hoping that too, not to go in. However, Israel will not be able to avoid entering due to domestic circumstances, so the only question left is when to enter.

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