Treasures from 3,500 years ago poured out in a heap from a carrot field

A pile of Bronze Age artifacts was discovered in a carrot field in Switzerland토토사이트. According to the U.S. CBS

on the 19th (local time), authorities in the Swiss canton of Thurgau discovered Bronze Age relics, including jewelry, in a carrot field in Göttingen, about 80 km northeast of Zurich.

The discovered artifacts are believed to be accessories worn by women about 3,500 years ago. It was found in a relatively intact state, so its shape and patterns can be confirmed.

The starting point of this excavation was when amateur archaeologist Franz Zahn discovered a bronze disk while wandering through a freshly harvested carrot field with a metal detector.

His discovery led local authorities to further investigate and unearth a ring, a gold spiral-shaped ornament, and about 100 amber beads. Teeth from animals of the period and small ammonites were also included.

Experts analyzed, “These relics were believed to have protective or healing effects and were likely used as a kind of amulet.”

The discovered artifacts are currently undergoing restoration work to be displayed at the Archaeological Museum in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

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