My daughter, who said she was going to visit for a week, died cold six months later… The culprit is a chatting man

“I’ll go out for a week and come back.”

Ms. A (24, female), who lived in Jindo, Jeollanam-do, said this to her father on June 12th as she left her house to go to Changwon, Gyeongnam. But she never dreamed that this would be their last conversation.

Mr. A’s cold body was found six months later in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do. At that time, there were bruises all over Mr. A’s skinny body. It was a sign of being beaten severely for a long time by someone.

The police arrested Mr. B (28), who lived with Mr. A, as a murder suspect. Closed-circuit ( CC ) TV footage secured by the police captured the scene of Mr. B leaving the scene, leaving Mr. A lying down. There were also scenes of assault on Mr. A.

Mr. B’s evil deeds, which were revealed as the investigation progressed, were terrible.

The first meeting between Mr. A and Mr. B was in May of last year. The two met through a live broadcast app. The two became close friends by chatting together every day. Afterwards, we made an appointment to meet in person a month later.

Mr. B felt that Mr. A, whom he met in real life, had a lower intellectual level than the general public and that his speech was somewhat slurred. Mr. B planned the crime by taking advantage of this aspect of Mr. A. First, he suggested that we live together, saying, “I will find you a job.” They decided to use Mr. A as a ‘means of making money’ through so-called gaslighting (an act of psychological control and manipulation).

It started with a lie. Mr. B brainwashed Mr. A into thinking that he was a ‘debtor’ who had borrowed money from him. He made Mr. A take out a loan and use an IOU. The IOU contains the following: △ Borrowed amount of 34 million won △ Interest of 15% per annum, paid on the 15th of every month △ Repayment deadline: July 2027.

Mr. B urged Mr. A, “Repay quickly what you lent me at the bank last time.” He constantly instilled in me that I owed money that I didn’t even have. In the end, Mr. A received a loan of 30 million won through various channels.

Mr. B’s evil deeds did not end here. He forced Mr. A to engage in prostitution for five months from August to December last year. When he received money for prostitution, he made sure to bring it to him immediately.

Mr. B threatened Mr. A, who went to prostitution, by frequently sending text messages such as, “If you waste time, I will go prostitution again,” “If you don’t send me a (text) every 20 minutes, you will die,” and “You will die even if you lie.” Every move was thoroughly monitored and controlled.

There was also frequent assault. Mr. B severely beat Mr. A if he짱구카지노 did not meet the number of prostitution sessions he had set. He even purchased a 57cm long metal triple pole on the Internet and beat Mr. A indiscriminately at the motel.

Mr. A’s health deteriorated day by day due to Mr. B’s severe assault. Person A complained to Person B of his pain, saying he was “cold and dizzy.” But Mr. B didn’t care. Rather, he asked Mr. A to go to prostitution as usual.

Then, at 1:28 p.m. on December 4th of last year, Mr. A, unable to withstand Mr. B’s continued assault, eventually lost consciousness.

However, Mr. B did not take Mr. A to the hospital right away. They grabbed him by both arms, dragged him out, and dumped him in front of the wall outside the building. Mr. B did not report the incident to 119 until 40 minutes had passed. However, Mr. B pretended to be a mere witness, saying, “A person is lying down.”

Mr. A, who was belatedly taken to the hospital, eventually died from multiple injuries caused by traumatic cerebral hemorrhage and intermuscular bleeding throughout the body.

Mr. B, who was charged with murder and other charges, denied the charges throughout the court, saying, “I had no intention to kill.” However, on May 23, the 12th Criminal Division of Jeonju District Court (Chief Judge Kim Do-hyung) admitted the murder charge in the first trial, saying, “The defendant targeted the victim for sexual and economic exploitation and physical violence for his own benefit,” and sentenced him to 17 years in prison. sentenced.

In response, the prosecution appealed, saying, “The sentence is too low.” Mr. B filed an appeal on the grounds of misunderstanding of facts, misunderstanding of law, and unfair sentencing.

The appellate court accepted Mr. B’s claim and ruled that it was not ‘murder.’ The court instead applied the charge of causing injury to death and sentenced him to 15 years in prison, a reduced sentence from the first trial.

On the 18th, Gwangju High Court’s Jeonju 1st Criminal Division (Chief Judge Baek Kang-jin), who was in charge of the appellate trial, said, “The defendant only provided insufficient relief measures at the time of the incident, and questions are raised about the intentionality of the murder.” He added, “The degree and method of violence were very poor. “As severe punishment is inevitable, it deviates somewhat from the sentencing standards, but a lower sentence is imposed than the original trial,” the ruling ruled.

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