“If things continue like this, we will have early 100 seats in next year’s general elections”… The anxiety of ‘Cheonah Yong-in’

After the crushing defeat in the Gangseo-gu District Office by-election in Seoul on October 11, the ‘ruling party crisis theory’ continues. Although President Yoon Seok-yeol frequently mentioned “communication” after losing in the by-election and the People Power Party predicted innovation, anxiety within the party about the general election in April next year still remains.

This is especially true for those preparing to run for office in areas such as the metropolitan area or Honam, which are considered difficult areas for the People Power Party. The four ‘Cheon Ah Yong-in’ (Cheon Ha-ram, Heo Eun-ah, Kim Yong-tae, and Ki-in Lee), who ran for office at the People Power Party National Convention on March 8 and garnered attention, said, “If things continue like this, they will only be in the low 100s (currently 110 seats) in the general election. “He said that there is토스카지노 주소 an urgent need for a change to a ‘ruling party that speaks to the president.’

Chun Ha-ram, head of the Suncheon Gap Party of South Jeolla Province, who is preparing to run in the Honam general election, said, “If I feel that making a confident statement about the President’s Office will have a big negative effect on my nomination in the general election, I cannot make a confident statement.” (Possibility of being elected) He said, “The bigger the situation, the more risky they are that (if they speak bitterly) they will be cut off and a parachute candidate will be nominated, so (legislators) can’t say anything.” “Those who are bitter should not feel pressured by the nomination itself.”

Former supreme council member Kim Yong-tae, who is seeking to run for office in the Gyeonggi region, also said, “It is true that the ruling party must give strength to the president, but this is not about protecting the president’s will, but rather a healthy relationship (where one can say what one has to say).” Gyeonggi Provincial Assemblyman Lee Ki-in said, “It seems there was a learning effect” in the case where Lee Han-gu, chairman of the Saenuri Party (predecessor of the People Power Party) nomination management committee, eliminated a large number of non-Park Geun-hye faction members from nomination during the 20th general election in 2016. He said that there is a totalitarianism within the party that regards people who go against the will of the party as reactionaries and that ‘they cannot be on the same boat.’ This provincial council member is not running in the general election.

They believed that if things continue as they are now, the People Power Party will be reduced to “low 100 seats” (Chairman Cheon) out of a total of 300 seats in the general election, or “it will be as good as now or worse” (provincial assemblyman Lee). At the same time, he said that the president’s stance on running state affairs, such as one-sided personnel appointments and ideological debates that are far from the people’s livelihood, must be revised. Chairman Cheon said, “If we criticized the Moon Jae-in administration’s code personnel appointments and criticized the naturonambul, we should also not parachute appointments,” and added, “We must move in the direction of resolving unfairness and common sense, as the people expected from a president without political experience. “We must impose stricter standards within our camp than the standards for attacking the Democratic Party of Korea,” he said. Provincial lawmaker Lee said, “We must leave behind cartels and ideological debates, reveal what economic policies can be imprinted on the public, and present a vision for the next three years.”

Proportional representative lawmaker Heo Eun-ah, who is preparing to run for Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, said, “Some people think that if we admit our shortcomings, we will lose the battle with the opposition party, but (if we do that), the people watching will overwhelmingly support the government.” “I hope the ruling party has the courage to reflect and apologize,” he said. Former Supreme Council member Kim Yong-tae said, “I think things are changing one by one, with President Yoon talking about ‘strengthening communication,’” and added, “With six months left until the general election, we need to show the people how things are changing.”

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