“100 trillion won in aid to Israel and Ukraine”… Biden’s resolution “essential to U.S. security”

 U.S. President Joe Biden formalized an unprecedented scale of support for Israel and Ukraine in a speech to the nation on the 19th (local time).

On this day, President Biden spoke for about 15 minutes while sitting at the ‘ Resolution Desk ‘ in the Oval Office of the White House and directly appealed to the American people about the need for support for Israel and Ukraine.

Israel is fighting against the Palestinian armed faction Hamas, and Ukraine is fighting against Russia.

“We cannot allow terrorists like Hamas or dictators like (Vladimir) Putin to win,” President Biden said. “Hamas and Putin pose different threats, but they have one thing in common: their desire to completely destroy democracy in their neighboring countries.” “It is,” he pointed out.

“America’s leadership is about uniting the world,” he said. “America’s alliances keep America safe. America’s value lies in being a partner nation that wants to work together. If we leave Ukraine and turn our back on Israel, “That value disappears,” he said.

President Biden announced that he would request emergency budget support for Israel and Ukraine from Congress on the 20th and emphasized, “This is essential for America’s national security.” “Israel must have everything it needs to protect itself,” he predicted. “The budget request from Congress will be unprecedented and will sharpen and strengthen the Israeli military.”

“We will ensure that it continues to protect Israel,” he said, referring to Israel’s missile defense system, Iron Dome. “We will make it clear to hostile actors in the region that Israel is stronger than ever and we will prevent the escalation of conflict.” “He said.

The Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ), citing sources familiar with the matter, reported that President Biden is expected to request a package law worth $100 billion (approximately 136 trillion won) from Congress.

This amount includes support for Israel and Ukraine, as well스포츠토토 as border security-related budgets for countries in the Indo-Pacific region and the United States. Reuters reported that among these, $14 billion (approximately 19 trillion won) will be provided to Israel and $60 billion (approximately 81 trillion won) will be provided to Ukraine.

However, with the Speaker of the House still vacant, it is unclear how quickly the support bill will pass through Congress.

President Biden emphasized, “This will be a wise investment that will benefit America’s security for generations.”

President Biden, referring to his eight-hour visit to Israel on the 18th, said there was an urgent need for relief for civilians in the Gaza Strip who are suffering from shortages of food, water and medicine.

Distinguishing between Hamas and the moderate Palestinian Authority, he said, “We cannot ignore the human rights of innocent Palestinians who are just trying to find an opportunity to live in peace,” and said he conveyed to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that he respects the Palestinians’ right to self-determination.

He also reaffirmed his position that the two-state solution cannot be abandoned.

President Biden said, “America is a light shining on the world. It still is.”

He also seemed to be aware of the current turmoil in American politics, with the Speaker of the House remaining vacant for more than two weeks, saying, “We must abandon the politics of anger,” and added, “We cannot let petty partisan fights get in the way of our responsibilities as a great nation.” He said.

President Biden also mentioned that Russia is using Iranian drones and North Korean weapons in its war against Ukraine.

This is the second time that President Biden delivers a speech in front of the Decision Desk in the Oval Office. This desk is known as the place where past U.S. presidents announced their historic decisions. John F. _ President Kennedy imposed a maritime blockade of Cuba in 1962, and George H. W. _ President Bush sat here and announced the invasion of Iraq in 1991.

Meanwhile, some analysts say that his decision to unite the two conflicts taking place in Europe and the Middle East was a move that was conscious of voters who strongly support Israel, AFP reported.

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