Unlicensed drunk driving hit and run, 30s… ‘2 years in prison’ until changing drivers

A man in his 30s was sentenced to two years in prison for driving drunk without a license, hitting someone and running away, then making a false statement to an employee of his company as if he was driving for him.

According to the legal community on the 29th, Judge Moon Kyung-hoon, Criminal Division 5, Eastern Branch of the Busan District Court, sentenced Mr.

Mr. B, in his 20s, who was also indicted on charges of helping Mr. A escape메이저사이트, was sentenced to a fine of 4 million won.

Mr. A was brought to trial on charges of driving unlicensed and drunk in Nam-gu, Busan at around 0:20 on May 17th, hitting a woman in her 50s and running away, and urging Ms. B to make a false statement regarding the accident.

Mr. A, who was driving a Mercedes car at the time, hit a woman in her 50s who was standing to catch a taxi with the front bumper, but fled the scene. In this accident, the victim suffered 12 weeks of displacement.

Afterwards, Mr. A asked Mr. B, an employee of the shopping mall company he runs, to switch drivers, saying, “I will do anything for you, so just let me drive for you.” and “I am afraid that if I am punished this time, I will be sentenced to prison.”

Mr. A was sentenced to a fine for drunk driving in 2018, and was under investigation for hitting a pedestrian while drinking and driving last February. Accordingly, Mr. B went to the local police station and falsely stated that he had caused a traffic accident.

At the time of the accident, Mr. A’s blood alcohol level was 0.043% (license suspension level), and he did not even have a license due to a previous traffic accident.

The court said, “Mr. A fled after confirming that the victim was seriously injured, and later made an employee under his command make a false statement as if he had caused a traffic accident,” adding, “Although the traffic accident victim agreed with Mr. “I don’t want to, but I have no choice but to punish him severely,” he said.

However, the reason for sentencing was stated, “We comprehensively took into consideration the fact that Mr. A acknowledged his wrongdoing and had no history of receiving heavy criminal punishment exceeding a fine.”

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