Lee Sun-kyun’s side said, “I did not exercise my right to refuse to make a statement. “It seems like it was distorted.”

While actor Lee Sun-kyun appeared at the police station and was interrogated, his defense attorney stated that the suspect was not interrogated that day.

On the 29th, Lee Sun-kyun’s lawyer told News 1, “Lee Sun-kyun appeared 굿모닝토토 도메인at the police yesterday and underwent tests accompanying the drug investigation, and he responded well.”

He then denied the report that he refused to make a statement during the investigation, and said, “I was informed that the suspect would be interrogated at a later date, but that part seems to have been misrepresented. He did not exercise his right to refuse to make a statement and said he would call me again later, and a date will be set soon.” “I think they will give it to me,” he added.

Seon-gyun Lee attended Incheon Nonhyeon Police Station around 4:30 pm on the 28th. On this day, the police investigated Lee Seon-gyun for about an hour. At the time, it was known that Lee Seon-gyun refused to make a statement, but his lawyer denied this, saying the suspect was not questioned.

The Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit announced on the 28th that a simple reagent test was conducted on Lee Seon-gyun, who appeared on charges of marijuana and psychotropic drugs under the Narcotics Control Act, and that the result was negative. The police requested a detailed examination from the National Institute of Forensic Science to confirm whether the medication was administered correctly. The results are expected to come out in about a month.

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