Is Jeon Cheong-jo’s father also a fraudster? “The face and techniques are the same.”

It was claimed that the father of Jeon Cheong-jo (27), who was known as the remarried partner of national team fencer Nam Hyun-hee and was suspected of various frauds, is also a wanted criminal on fraud charges. According to the informant, there were about 60 victims and the damage amounted to billions of won. On the 27th, the head of the

JTBC case team released a wanted flyer for Jeon Chang-soo (54), a wanted criminal wanted by the police on fraud charges. The informant claimed that Jeon Chang-su was Jeon Cheong-jo’s father. In other words, Jeon Cheong-jo’s father is also a suspect on fraud charges.

The informant claimed that he had been subjected to a kind of romance 짱구카지노 도메인scam by Jeon Chang-soo and said, “The father and daughter’s methods are the same.” She is said to have taken about 300 million won from Jeon Chang-soo by pretending she was going to get married, and then suddenly disappeared.

According to the informant, the informant first met Jeon Chang-soo in 2015. The informant, who was running a large restaurant by himself at the time, was courted by Jeon Chang-soo and dated for about two years and six months. The informant said, “(Mr. Jeon) was very kind and carried clothes worth 3 to 4 million won and a good bag,” and “He did the same with the baby (Jeon Cheong-jo) as if he was very capable.”

Jeon Chang-soo begged, “Let’s get married,” and “Let’s find land and a house to live in together,” and we ended up finding a house with the informant’s money. She also asked Jeon Chang-soo to open her own office to run a business, which she agreed to. The informant believed that she was ‘going to get married’ and complied with all of her requests, but Jeon Chang-soo suddenly disappeared in 2018.

The informant said that after seeing Jeon Cheongjo’s photo released to the press, she immediately recognized her as Jeon Changsu’s daughter. She said that their faces were very similar, and that Jeon Chang-soo usually showed her a lot of pictures of her daughter.

She also claimed that she heard that some of Jeon Chang-su’s money was passed on to her daughter, Jeon Cheong-jo.

According to the released wanted poster, Jeon Chang-soo, a real estate broker, is accused of fraud under the Aggravated Punishment for Specific Economic Crimes Act by deceiving the victim of 1.61 billion won and running away.

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