“I will live within my means” Reflection statement from an elementary school student who was scolded for demanding an iPhone

The preference for iPhones is noticeable among teenage students, and the number of elementary school students using iPhones is increasing. A reflection written by an elementary school student after being scolded by his parents for asking him to buy an iPhone has become a hot topic.

Recently, a post was posted on an online community. The author, who identified herself as a parent of a daughter in the sixth grade of elementary school, said, “It is difficult for her to raise a child,” and told the story of scolding her daughter for wanting an iPhone.

The writer explained the reason to his daughter and said, “I will buy her a Galaxy,” but the daughter went to bed and started crying, and when the writer saw this, he told the child to write a reflection.

While the writer was cooling off her anger, her daughter wrote a reflection. In the reflection, it was written, “I am sorry for constantly comparing myself to others. I will live without comparing myself to others,” and “I am sorry for living beyond my means. I will live within my means.”

The writer who saw this said, “It was miserable and I felt sorry that my oldest토스카지노 도메인 son did not use his cell phone during that time,” and “I regretted the emotional outburst. My side job wasn’t working well and the interest on loans had risen a lot, so I was in a difficult financial situation.”

He continued, “I think I caused an unforgettable wound to my daughter’s heart. When I scolded her, I said, ‘You have to buy something that fits your circumstances,’ but I wrote that in my reflection. I was upset when I saw that she was trying to live within her circumstances. I should live a better life.” I wrote my heart down.

The writer said, “It seems like almost all of my friends use iPhones,” and “Like the old North Face padding, iPhones have the same vibe. In the end, I bought a used iPhone 12 mini.”

Netizens responded, “It was a true education. It taught the child important lessons in life,” and “The child is good. I am proud to see that he enlightened himself and wrote a reflection like that.”

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