Traded Trae Young and retired LeBron James. The LA Lakers at a crossroads. what about the future?

Atlanta Hawks Trae Young was caught up in trade rumors. The LA Lakers are the target team.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost 4 games to Denver in the Western Conference Finals. After the game, LeBron James said, ‘I think I’ll have to think a lot (about next season). I don’t know for sure at this point. I really don’t know,’ he said.

One of the most prestigious teams in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers, is at a crossroads.

On the 24th (Korean time), the US CBS Sports reported that the ‘Atlanta Hawks were eliminated in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. They lost to the Boston Celtics 2-4. Trae Young caused friction with the manager midway through the season, and it is questionable whether he will be the team’s future. The Los Angeles Lakers are discussing a virtual trade for Trae Young,’ the report said.

However, the media said, ‘Given the size of Trae Young’s contract and the current state of the LA Lakers, it seems unlikely that a trade will be made. “You have to include either LeBron James or Anthony Davis to sign Young, which is not easy for the Los Angeles Lakers.”먹튀검증

LeBron James, the heart of the team, made comments alluding to his retirement following a four-game loss to Denver in the Western Finals this season. This part needs to be sorted out. Only LeBron can sort it out.

The media said, ‘I don’t think LeBron James is going to retire. But, he said, ‘you won’t know for sure until you hear from him.

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