Chelsea’s hard-earned goal youth, unlikely to remain… Liverpool-Man United are interested

Mason Mount is preparing to part ways with Chelsea.

He is a representative of Chelsea’s youth. Mount has achieved tremendous growth through loans to Vitesse and Derby County. In the 2019-20 season, despite the fact that it was the first English Premier League (EPL) stage in his career, he recorded 7 goals and 6 assists in 37 games, establishing himself as the team’s ace.

As an attacking midfielder with both shooting and passing abilities, Mount has often been compared to the team’s greatest legend, Frank Lampard. He is the style of aiming for a goal by penetrating into the penalty box momentarily with the ball guard in midfield.

However,스포츠토토 he has performed below expectations this season. This year, owner Todd Boelli took over Chelsea, fired manager Thomas Tuchel and appointed manager Graham Porter, opening a new era for Chelsea. However, after sacking Porter, Chelsea appointed Lampard, but they are showing lower-than-expected results, falling to 12th. Along with the team, Mount also continues to be sluggish in the league this season with only 3 goals and 2 assists.

A bigger problem is the fact that Mount’s contract period is running out. Mount is contracted to Chelsea until 2024, but he has yet to renew his contract. According to the British media ‘Telegraph’, Chelsea have been renewing Mount’s contract since last summer. However, Mount is currently not convinced with his poor performance at Chelsea, and is hesitating to renew his contract.

With Mount likely to leave Chelsea, other clubs are approaching. Representatively, Liverpool and Manchester United are aiming for him. Alex Crook of the British media ‘Talk Sports’ said, “It is very unlikely that Mount will remain at Chelsea. Liverpool and Manchester United are currently targeting him.”

Both Liverpool and Manchester United are in dire need of midfield resources. Liverpool’s key midfield resources, such as Thiago Alcantara’s injury and Fabinho’s aging, have been below expectations this season, and they are making strengthening midfield a key task next season. In addition, Manchester United also recruited Casemiro and Christian Eriksen, but since the gap between the main and non-main players in the midfield is large, it is urgent to recruit midfielders. As the possibility of Mount, who was like a symbol of Chelsea, remains slim, attention is also gathering on his next destination.

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