Continuing injuries, deepening striker concerns… Director Kim Byung-soo “Acosti-Jeon Jin-woo is also difficult for more than 30 minutes”

The striker rotation is not suitable. Director Kim Byung-soo seems to be in deep trouble.

Suwon Samsung will face Daegu FC in the Round of 16 of the 2023 Hana One Q Korea Football Association (FA) Cup held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 7:00 pm on the 24th.메이저놀이터

In an interview before the match, manager Kim Byung-soo said, “In the FA Cup, we could only use three replacement cards. After 60 minutes, when the opponent’s pressure loosens up, we plan to make a change.”

Against Daegu, manager Kim Byung-soo changed the starting lineup. Suwon played a K-League 1 match against Ulsan Hyundai three days ago. Key left defender Lee Ki-je was excluded from the roster. Son Ho-Jun, a promising player born in 2002, takes the place of the vacant position. After recovering from an injury, Min-Shigi starts the match. Akosti and Jeon Jin-woo were put on the list of candidates.

Director Kim Byung-soo explained, “Min-Sanggi was fine during practice. It’s a situation that you have to trust and see.”

Regarding Son Ho-jun’s participation, he said, “Lee Ki-je is physically difficult. There is no choice.” “Son Ho-jun lacked confidence. “He is a player who can become a player. We need to believe in and support him. However, if an unexpected situation occurs, we must boldly replace him. It may be insufficient, but I hope that he will have courage and actively step forward.”

He saw that it should be done from possession of the ball. Director Kim Byung-soo said, Losing the ball quickly is a problem. We have to play more proactively.”

Suwon played 4 games under manager Kim Byung-soo. performance gradually increased. Although they lost to Ulsan Hyundai 3 days ago, they showed the possibility of rebounding with good performances. Director Kim Byeong-soo said, “I have the mindset of doing something new from start to finish. Results are not easy to come out in any organization. This part should not be overlooked.”

The management of the team is not easy. Foreign striker Mulich was also excluded from the Daegu match due to a hamstring injury. Ahn Byung-jun, who scored against Ulsan, will also take a break from the match. Coach Kim Byeong-soo said, “Right now, the only striker in the front line is Ahn Byung-jun. He’s feeling a lot of fatigue from the match two days ago. Accosti could be an alternative, but it’s hard to play for more than 30 minutes. I thought Myung Jun-jae was a suitable alternative. I hope you try. . Shouldn’t I believe and try it?”

Regarding the possibility of overtime and penalty shootouts, he smiled, saying, “I don’t want to talk negatively. I don’t want to worry.

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