Speed ​​again speed! Yeom Hye-seon “I want to absorb the strengths of Bowersch and Oro”

Yeom Hye-seon (KGC Ginseng Corporation), the setter of the Korean women’s volleyball team, gnashed her teeth once again.토토사이트

On the 22nd, the national team left for Turkey, where the first week of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL) was held via Incheon International Airport. After the first game against Turkey in the Turkiye expedition, Korea is scheduled to clash with Canada, the United States and Thailand in turn. They immediately move to Brazil and complete the 2nd week of VNL.

Of the 16 players in the national team, 3 are setters. Yeom Hye-sun, Kim Da-in (Hyundai E&C), and Kim Ji-won (GS Caltex) were selected. Yeom Hye-seon revealed her bold aspirations ahead of her VNL participation a year ago. When they met again, Yeom Hye-sun said, “She is like Dodol-Ipyo,” she laughed and said, “But I hope her performance is not Dodol-Ipyo.”

She went on to say, “Actually, she hasn’t lost her feeling of suffocation, but she hopes it will be better than last year. She can’t get better just by standing still. I think the players she went with last year are going to bite harder,” she added.

In Korea, after advancing to the semifinals at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, veterans Kim Yeon-kyung, Kim Su-ji, and Yang Hyo-jin retired from the national team, and the weakening of power was noticeable. Looking at the FIVB ranking alone, it has fallen from 14th after the Tokyo Olympics to 23rd now.

Coach Han Yu-mi and “captain” Jeong-ah Park, who met at the Jincheon National Training Center on the 16th, also made a promise to build a multiplier with a more advanced look. Yeom Hye-sun also said, “The members have changed a little this time. It got younger. Players have to lead well, read extensively, and do their part. I will try to build a multiplier somehow,” she revealed.

What Cesar emphasized to the players is speed. Yeom Hye-seon said, “In international competitions, there is no choice but to be inferior in height. You have to compete with speed. I think this is something that can only be done with good basic skills and organizational skills,” he said. In the end, the three beats have to be right,” he explained.

Recently, both Japan and Thailand have a weakness of height, but they are getting good grades in international competitions by playing speed volleyball based on solid organizational skills. Japan is still strong. It is currently ranked 6th in the FIVB ranking. Thailand also underwent a generational shift after the Tokyo Olympics, but it jumped to 15th place, surpassing Korea, thanks to the performance of ‘young blood’. It is a survival method for Asian teams to strengthen their international competitiveness.

Yeom Hye-sun has been doing research on her own. Watching overseas leagues, she analyzed setters’ styles to improve toss speed and accuracy. She said, “I tend to watch a lot of European league matches. Recently, the setters of the major teams are good. There is a lot to learn. The performance of (Joanna) Bowerschna (Alesia) Oro (Alesia) in the Italian league was also impressive. Both accuracy and speed of the toss are good,” he said.

Bowash is the main setter for Imoko Cornelliano, who won the Italian league champion in the 2022-23 season. She is also the captain of the Polish women’s national volleyball team, led by coach Stefano Lavarini. Oro also played against Boworsch in the league final this season as a member of the Italian league Milan. Oro is also a trusted setter for the Italian women’s volleyball team.

They are also the setters that Yeom Hye-sun has faced on the international stage with her coat in between. Yeom Hye-sun also wants to enjoy the joy of her victory with her teammates in her more developed form.

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