The skills of V-League setters these days and the upcoming Asian Quarter Typhoon

KBSN commentator Park Mi-hee’s straightforward way of speaking is a hot topic.

Based on the rich field experience accumulated as the command tower of Heungkuk Life Insurance for 8 years, he gives accurate and sharp commentary. Thanks to this, viewers and volleyball fans are very interested. He doesn’t let go of misplays in the middle of a game. Many people feel thrilled by the sharp point that they have never heard before. There are many people waiting for his cider-like remarks. Recently, while the overall performance of women’s volleyball has failed to meet fans’ expectations, Commissioner Park spares no hesitation in criticizing the players not to get drunk on the popularity bubble, saying, “The fans are too generous.”

The part he mentions the most in commentary is the incorrect connection of the setter. He calmly points out the part that no one has been brave enough to talk about. In fact, right now the V-League is going through a setter crisis. Every team is looking for a setter they like, but there is none. Active setters are less skilled than their retired seniors. An inconvenient truth has already been confirmed at the international convention. The setter’s creative play is not even expected. It is applauded for the striker to accurately raise the ball so that he can hit it properly. Commentator Park pointed out the inaccuracy of the connection, saying, “It’s not something to be happy about scoring now,” when a team’s setter was delighted after scoring. He also lamented after a team’s foreign player scored, saying, “The libero’s second-level connection is more accurate than the setter’s pass.”

Even if it is not pointed out by the commentator, the command tower’s dissatisfaction with the setter is often exposed on the broadcast screen.

Most of what IBK Industrial Bank manager Kim Ho-cheol points out during time-outs is about the connection of setters. The same goes for other team managers. Road construction manager Kim Jong-min also has a lot of worries because of the setter who is not confident in passing and fast-attacking that go against the flow of the game. KGC Ginseng Corporation director Go Hee-jin can’t hide his expression that he doesn’t understand the absurd connection. Heungkuk Life Insurance struggled throughout the season over the connection of the setter who could not save the striker’s skills, and finally made a trade in the 3rd round.

In volleyball, the contents of the game change like the sky and the earth depending on the setter’s ability.

Unfortunately, in the current V-League, the setter’s play cannot meet the fans’ expectations, the manager’s expectations, and the strikers’ skills. 안전놀이터 That’s why strikers often fall. Also, instead of various attacks, volleyball that leans everything on foreign players is being repeated. This is why the fun of watching volleyball is getting less and less. Of course, the setters also have something to say. Some high-paying strikers noticeably obscure their setters. They are attacking powerlessly without showing the skills and will to hit the bad balls of low-paid young setters. It is greatly compared to the posture of a foreign player who hits any ball without muttering. Those who are not worth the money and try to make an excuse as a setter should also be criticized.

Right now, every team is looking for a setter, but supply is in short supply. So, some teams are trying to reinforce their setters during the Asia Quarter tryouts scheduled for April 2023. In the meantime, I have been questioning the effectiveness of foreign setters due to language communication problems, but I am trying to change my mind. According to the roster identified so far, Ponpun of the Thailand national team, the main setter of the Taiwanese national team, and some setters of the second division of the Japanese V-League are expected to challenge. If those with an annual salary of less than 100 million won show more outstanding skills than the main setters of each team, the native setters will feel the fear of the Asian quarter.

Of course there are variables. First of all, the contract method is a big stumbling block. Asian Quarter players sign a one-year short-term contract with the club. Since players have to be selected by lottery every year, there is no guarantee that they will be together in the next season. It is different from foreign players in other positions who can stay with one team for a long time. In this way, it is difficult to pick out the setter easily. The setter plays an important role in determining the team’s play. In baseball, it is catcher. Like the catcher, the setter is a special position and cannot be easily changed. Besides, there is also a language barrier. Many Japanese players challenge the major leagues, but catchers are rare. Even so, on a team that doesn’t like the established setter, someone will bravely challenge. Once there is even one successful case, there is a high possibility that a completely different game will unfold from then on.

What is the problem with V-League setters now and why do they play like that? I asked for advice from Lee Do-hee, former manager of Hyundai Engineering & Construction, who was a former setter. First of all, we asked about the strengths of Dain Kim of Hyundai Engineering & Construction, who is the first in the set category and also the leader of the team. Dain Kim is the third season in which the 2022-2023 season is the main player. He was voted into the Best 7 for the first time after leading the team to first place last season. Director Lee said, “There is no deviation” as an advantage of Kim Da-in. In particular, it was highly evaluated that there was no change in the pass height. It is easy for strikers to hit with this ability. In addition, he said that there is no difference in his skills during training and competition, and that he is better in practice than in training. When director Lee Do-hee worked with him, I liked him the most and he is a talent that I kept an eye on.

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