Jon Jones Wins 2nd Weight Class, Cyril Gaane Welcomes ‘Dream Big’. Comeback after 3 years on March 5th, heavyweight match

Jones and Garne’s UFC 285 is a title fight for a new heavyweight champion. This is because current champion Francis Nganuga was stripped of his title after not agreeing to a new contract with the UFC.

The martial arts world has negative comments about Ngannou’s contract renewal, but is very positive about Jones’ return.

Jones returned the light heavyweight title in February 2020 after defeating Dominic Reyes. It was intended for the heavyweight championship, but the title fight did not take place due to problems with the match fee.

Jones is the longest reigning light heavyweight champion with 26 wins and 1 loss in MMA and 20 wins and 1 loss in UFC.

The second title fight against No. 1 메이저놀이터 Kane. He was pointed out as the champion from early on, but he challenged Ngannou in February of last year and lost.

Gane, who got back on his feet after catching Tuivasa last September, is the best heavyweight technician with 11 wins and 1 loss in MMA and 8 wins and 1 loss in UFC.

Gane immediately expressed his welcome by saying, “Dream Big.”

Meanwhile, Ngannou, who is leaving the UFC, is said to be turning to the bare knuckle side with a 17-3 record in MMA and 12-2 in the UFC, but there is a possibility that he will return.

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