The Club World Cup that Pohang missed earlier… Al-Hilal’s luck for 2 consecutive appearances

Reporter Park Dae-ro = While the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup will be held next month, Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal will enjoy the good fortune of participating in two consecutive matches in Asia.

According to the International Football Federation on the 14th, the 2022 Club World Cup will be held in Morocco, Africa, from the 1st to the 11th of next month.

There are 7 teams participating in the competition. European Football Confederation Real Madrid, South American Football Confederation Flamengo, Asian Football Confederation Al-Hilal, African Football Confederation Widad Casablanca and Al-Ahly, North and Central American Football Confederation Seattle Sounders, Oceania Football Confederation Auckland City compete as champions of each continent. do.

The participation of two teams from Africa is because the host country’s home country’s league champion club is given the right to participate. Casablanca is the champion of the host country and at the same time the winner of the African Football Confederation Champions League in the 2021-2022 season. As a result, Al-Ahli, Egypt, the runner-up of the tournament, got the right to participate. 슬롯사이트

Al-Hilal, representing the Asian Football Confederation, will participate in this tournament for the second time in a row.

Al-Hilal is the 2021 Asian Football Confederation Champions League winning team, and following the 2021 Club World Cup, they will also participate in this 2022 Club World Cup.

This is because the 2022 Asian Football Confederation Champions League is not over yet. The East Asian Football Confederation and the Southeast Asian Football Confederation confirmed last year’s eastern regional finalists, but the West Asian Football Confederation, South Asian Football Confederation, and Central Asian Football Confederation will hold a tournament match from the round of 16 to the semifinals in late next month to determine the western regional finalists. to be.

As a result, inevitably, Al-Hilal, the 2021 winning team, will automatically participate in the Club World Cup.

As Al-Hilal continues to step on the top stage, Pohang Steelers, a Korean professional soccer K-League club, seems to have no choice but to feel sick to their stomach.

Pohang lost 0-2 to Al-Hilal in the final of the 2021 Asian Football Confederation Champions League and finished runner-up. If Pohang had won, they could participate in the 2021 and 2022 Club World Cups to raise the team’s status and win hundreds of millions of won in prize money.

If you participate in the Club World Cup, you can earn about 600 million won (500,000 dollars) even if you finish seventh. The winning team will receive about 6.2 billion won ($5 million) in prize money.

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