Seoul E-Land FC recruits ‘monster striker’ Honan

Seoul E-Land FC has recruited monster striker Ho-Nan.

Seoul E-Land FC announced on the 13th that it had recruited striker Honan (27‧ Ronan David Jeronimo), who was very active in the Brazilian and Portuguese leagues. 카지노

As a result, Seoul E-Land FC will be able to inject destructive power into the attacking line by placing two top-class Brazilian strikers in the forefront, along with the recently recruited Henan.

Honan, who is 195cm/88kg tall and has a strong body, is a target striker who aims for goals with calm finishes, shooting, and a header using his tall height. He is also evaluated as excellent in maximizing the team’s offensive power with his excellent pressure, positioning, and linkage play from the front.

Honan, who made his debut in Gremio (Brazil Serie A) in 2014, moved to AD San ​​Jose in the Portuguese league the following year and received great attention as a leading striker contributing to the team’s victory.

Honan, who joined Rio Ave FC (Portugal 1st Division), showed potential for growth in European leagues such as Barzim SC (Portugal 2nd Division) and CD Tondela (Portugal 1st Division), and played the team’s role in Rio Ave in the 2021/2022 season. He played a big role in winning the second division and making a significant contribution to promotion.

Honan said, “I felt that Korea and the K-League were stages full of passion. I also think that the goal of promotion and the team’s strong will towards it are a good match for me.” I will do my best to match well.”

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