When Korea still elects ‘Kwang Hyeon-jong’, Taiwan still elects the Chun Kwan-wi.

The Korean baseball team is still selecting Kim Gwang-hyeon (35, SSG Landers) and Yang Hyeon-jong (33, KIA Tigers), who are passing through their heyday, and the ‘Kwang Hyeon-jong duo’. It is an indispensable core member. Even in Taiwan, which has always been an ambush opponent of Korea in international competitions, Chun Kwan-wei (33, Rakuten Monkeys), who was called the ‘Korean killer’, is still included in the national team roster.

On the 13th, the Taiwan Baseball Association, the Taiwan Baseball Association, released a list of 36 players to be convened to prepare for the World Baseball Classic (WBC). 

Wang Wei-chung (31, Wei Quen Dragons), who played an active part as the first foreign player in Taiwan at the NC Dinos in 2018, and Zhang Zhang (28, Seibu Lions), who caused the ‘Chiba Disaster’ by destroying Korea in the 2019 WBSC Premier 12. considered a key member. At the time, Chang-yi put the Korean bats to rest with 6⅓ innings, 3 hits, 4 walks, 3 strikeouts, and no runs in the Korean War.

Jahao Song (31, Rakuten Golden Eagles), who played an active part in Japanese professional baseball and recorded 20 holds, Bo-Lung Wang (29, Nippon-Ham Fighters), who was called a monster hitter in Taiwan, and pitcher Teng Kai-wei of the US Minor League (San Francisco) Double A), infielder Cheong Chung-cheo (Single A under Pittsburgh), Jang Wi-cheong (28), and Lin Zwei (29), who are currently free agents, also joined.

It is like preparing for the WBC by attracting all the best members that Taiwan can call, including players active in the United States and Japan. Taiwan was placed in Group A of the first round along with the Netherlands, Cuba, Italy and Panama. Since the group stage will be held in Taichung, Taiwan, it is time to promote at home.

And among the best members, Chun Kwan-wi, who was called the ‘Korean Killer’ in every international competition, was chosen as the name familiar to us. The meeting with Chun Kwan-wi dates back to the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. He recorded a scoreless inning in the preliminary match for the Asian Games in Guangzhou, but in the final, Lee Dae-ho and Kang Jung-ho hit home runs and collapsed with 4 runs in ⅔ innings.

But since then, it has made Korea struggle at every juncture. In the 2014 Incheon Asian Games qualifying round, he pitched well with 4 hits and 5 strikeouts in 4⅓ innings. However, in the final match, he was sluggish with 2 hits, 3 strikeouts and 2 runs in 2⅔ innings. 바카라사이트

In 2017, the WBC collapsed with 3 runs in 1⅓ innings, but participated as a wild card in the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) tournament and started in the Korean game, pitching well with 3 hits, 6 strikeouts and 1 run in 5 ⅔ innings. 

In addition, in the 2019 Premier 12, in the game of’Chiba Disaster’, he made a relief mound following the starter Jangi and played 1⅓ innings scoreless reverse. 

Chun Kwan-wi, who has been familiar with Korea many times. He spent his heyday in Japanese professional baseball Yokohama DeNA Baystars and Chiba Lotte Marines, and now returns to Taiwanese professional baseball and is active. 

As an amateur, he went straight to Japanese professional baseball, so he had to be drafted again to play in Taiwan. 

Currently, Chun Kwan-wi is active as a swingman who goes back and forth between starting and bullpen. In 2021, it was sluggish with an average ERA of 6.52 in 21 games (6 starts) 48⅓ innings 1 win 5 losses 1 hold, but last year it was revived with an ERA of 3.07 in 23 games (6 starts) 55 ⅔ innings 2 wins 1 loss 1 hold and was selected for the WBC national team. 

Young guns are also appearing in the Taiwanese baseball world. However, just as Korea has to continue selecting Kwang-Hyun Kim and Hyeon-Jong Yang, Taiwan also has no choice but to select the Chun Kwan-Wi.

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