The burden on Albano’s shoulders is reduced… Yoo Hyun-jun’s performance, which was like Altoran

Yoo Hyun-joon energized the team.

Wonju DB Promi won 91-82 against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Pivers in the 2023-2024 regular basketball league at Ulsan Dongcheon Gymnasium on the 2nd.

DB named Yoo Hyun-joon as a reward player for Huh Woong’s departure to the FA in the summer of 2022. There were many players who were talented in KCC, but DB’s choice was Yoo Hyun-joon. This means that he paid attention to his skills.

He is an authentic point guard who is uncommon in his time and has strong points. He contributed to KCC’s regular league victory in the 2020-2021 season based on his broad vision and outstanding passing sense. His professional success rate of three-point shooting also stands at 36.5 percent.

Yoo Hyun-joon, who joined the team midway through this season after being discharged from the military athletic team. However, he injured his hamstring right after his return and expressed his intention to retire to the team. However, he returned to the team after having in-depth conversations with coach Han Sang-min and coach Kim Joo-sung and improved his physical condition.

It is a DB that has one of the best guards of the season, Lee Sun-bano, but it is not without worries. In a situation where there were unexpected departures, the burden on Albano is too great. Of course, he is an excellent player, but he had to think about the physical burden.

Back on the court, Yoo Hyun-joon’s primary goal is to assemble his team’s offense as a point guard during the break with Albano’s backup. If he performs the given mission well, it could be a much more breathtaking situation for the management of the lineup.

“I’m going to write it down because I have the ability (Yu Hyun-jun) has. The duration of participation can be small or long depending on the circumstances,” coach Kim Ju-seong said, displaying faith in his skills.

Ryu, who played his second match after returning to the team, did not have long time to play on the day. Rather than running long at once, he was deployed during breaks in elements. His time was also far from splendid, with two points and two assists in his participation in the game at 8:17 p.m. However, he clearly played his part in the given time.

In particular, his performance in the middle of the third quarter was impressive. Yoo Hyun-joon, who took the court in a close game where his team was four points behind, made the ball with stable operation and good passes. As soon as he was deployed, he assisted Lawson’s score with an inbound pass and led the team to a come-from-behind score with a no-look pass. He also reported his score through free throws.

He was also active in defense. He had two steals in the section where his team was fully riding the flow. As it was not a long time to play, he was able to put all his energy into the game 토토사이트.

With Yoo Hyun-joon’s performance, DB was able to adjust Albano’s playing time to around 31 minutes. Conditions have been prepared to put more effort into the game.

Although he did not have much time to play and had ups and downs compared to his time at KCC, if he continues to show solid performance like that on the day, his team’s trust and weight in Yoo Hyun-joon are expected to increase. Will Yoo continue his performance like Altoran and give strength to DB’s race at the end of the season?

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