Controversy over Kang Jung-ho’s SNS called by the Kim Jong-guk scandal… Even the Japanese media reported, “Fans are noisy with comments.”

Kang Jung-ho (37), a former Major Leaguer who now runs a baseball academy, caused controversy by making a joke. Japanese media also reported on the situation amid conflicting opinions that he was careless and joking. Former coach Kim Jong-kook’s disgraceful resignation seems to be sparking unexpected controversies.

On January 31, Kang Jung-ho made headlines by appearing directly on an Instagram account post that posted news of the KBO. At the time, KIA terminated its contract with former coach Kim Jong-kook, who was investigated by prosecutors on charges of breach of trust, and naturally, who will be the next manager is one of the issues that is heating up the KBO. 헤라카지노주소

The Instagram account posted photos of four leaders under the title of “Which next coach do KIA fans want?” From the left, photos of former Samsung and KIA coaches Sun Dong-yeol, former NC manager Lee Dong-wook, former KIA hitting coach Lee Bum-ho, and former KIA pitching coach Seo Jae-eung were listed. Former LG coach Lee Jong-beom, who is planning a U.S. training in the U.S., was also added. It was a typical post to read fans’ opinions.

However, Kang himself took the mound, drawing keen attention from fans. He stirred up controversy by posting comments and emoticons, saying, “I’ll come to Gwangju.” When there were supportive comments, such as “Please come to Gwangju and give me a job,” Kang himself backed off by saying, “Can I say that I want it? I will go if the fans in Gwangju want it.” The general tone of his argument made it clear that some jokes were mixed.

Many fans were surprised, but some fans criticized his comment, saying it was too rash under the circumstances of Kia. Kang currently runs a baseball academy in California and is engaged in YouTube activities. Many juniors visit the academy to learn batting skills from Kang during the offseason. In the process, Son Ah-seop (NC) rebounded last year, and he was evaluated as having good results. On YouTube, he talked about his image, which had been ruined by drunk driving, and was evaluated as being recovering a little.

Amid heated debate in the community, Japan also shed light on the happening. Japan’s “Sponichi Annex” reported on Sunday that Kang Jung-ho, a fielder who played in Pittsburgh, left an Instagram comment about the next manager of the KIA Tigers, causing fans to become noisy. The media added that some fans had high expectations for Kang’s comment, but some were negative.

The media outlet briefly explained the recent controversy surrounding KIA, saying, “According to Korean media, Kim Jong-guk, who was in charge of KIA’s manager, was charged with receiving bribes in return for the selection of a sponsor company. As a result, the club terminated the contract with Kim, which led to an unusual situation in which the manager was absent just before the camp.”

Had Kim not accepted bribes, KIA would have been conducting its camp amid an uplifting atmosphere. This is all the more so because Kia has been selected as a candidate for the semi-finals this year. However, Kia has inevitably felt restless due to the incident, which took place two days before its departure from the camp. Not to mention its deteriorating image, Kia is in a double bind as it has to appoint a new coach in February. Kia is currently examining the final candidate list for its coach, and some predict that it will announce the new coach within two weeks after interviews.

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