“First Interview” Kwak Jung-hoon, “I felt sorry for my family.”

“When I play at Sajik Gymnasium, my family always comes (crying). I felt sorry to just clap on the bench.”

In the first match of the fifth round against Anyang Jeonggwanjang on Sunday, KCC beat the team 81-75. KCC met Jeonggwanjang in the last match of the fourth round and defeated him 108-99.

KCC had 17 3-pointers in their previous showdowns. Chung also responded with 15 3-pointers. It was the game in which 32 3-pointers were made, the most since the 3-point shooting distance increased to 6.75 meters.

On the day, no three-point shootings were made. KCC ended up with only seven, which decreased by 10 points. However, they came close to winning with three three-point shots made in the fourth quarter, which was the decisive factor. The hero of the three-point shootings is Kwak Jung-hoon (9 points and four rebounds).

After his victory, KCC manager Jeon Chang-jin praised Kwak, saying, “Today (May 2) saved Kwak when he was in trouble,” adding, “I feel very encouraged that he worked hard in the second division (D-League) and helped him come up to win. I intend to give Kwak more opportunities in the future.”

Song Kyo-chang, who assisted Kwak Jung-hoon’s two three-point shots, said, “I played with Kwak Jung-hoon since I was young. He is a very hard player. I am so glad that he played such a game. I think he won because he scored a three-point shot when it was important,” similar to coach Jeon Chang-jin.

Kwak Jung-hoon stepped on the court instead of Lee Keun-hwi, who had been sluggish in defense until the first half. Kwak missed two 3-pointers in the third quarter, but in the fourth quarter, he scored two running 3-pointers and a three-pointer to seal the victory 마카오토토도메인.

Kwak Jung-hoon said in an interview with a broadcasting company, “I always prepared hard for the game, but the coach gave me a chance. I will work harder to take this opportunity.”

When asked how he usually trained, Kwak Jung-hoon said, “I always studied what to do when I play,” adding, “I think I have to work harder in defense than in attack, so I work hard in that area, so I’m confident in attack, and I’m strong in defense.”

KCC players who have broadcast interviews are given a flurry of water. The same was true for Kwak Jung-hoon.

Kwak Jung-hoon said, “I’ll work harder and get hit with more water.”

“It’s my first (on TV) interview since my debut,” Kwak said. “Whenever I play at Sajik Gymnasium, my family always comes (crying). I felt sorry to just clap in the bench. I will keep in touch with them and show you good performances from today.”

Kwak Jung-hoon said, “I will prepare harder than now and become a player who contributes to the team. Fans always come often and contact me often, but I will do my best to get more calls.”

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