‘Sorrowful After Divorce’ #1… Men “should be a bit generous”, women?

 What do singles (returned singles) think about the메이저사이트 cause of their divorce from their ex-spouse? Men most often cited ‘underestimating the other person’, and women ‘not considering the other person’s position’.

These are the results of a survey conducted between the 21st and 26th in collaboration with the marriage information company Only-Yu and Bienarae, a marriage information company, targeting 516 single men and women (258 males and females each) who wish to remarry (twilight) across the country.

According to the survey results on the 28th, when asked, ‘What do you think is the root cause of your divorce from your ex-spouse? This was followed by ‘treating the other person casually’ (24.0%), ‘having a high attitude towards the other person’ (20.2%), and ‘not considering the other person’s position’ (17.4%).

31.0% of women answered ‘I did not consider the other person’s position’ the most. Opinions such as ‘trusted the opponent too much’ (26.4%), ‘treated the opponent casually’ (18.6%), and ‘underestimated the opponent’ (16.7%) followed.

What was it that you regretted about dealing with your ex-spouse during your marriage? 29.1% of males responded, ‘I would treat them more generously’, and 32.2% of women responded ‘I would treat them more kindly’.

Next, males were analyzed in the order of ‘I would treat them more casually’ (25.2%), ‘I would treat them more warmly’ (21.3%), and ‘I would treat them more kindly’ (16.3%). Women were surveyed in the order of ‘I would treat them more warmly’ (25.2%), ‘I would treat them more positively’ (20.9%), and ‘I would treat them more generously’ (14.3%).

In response to the question, ‘What was the most dissatisfied part of your partner’s role while living with your ex-spouse?’, men answered ‘wife’s role’ (33.3%) and women ‘head’s role’ (32.6%) the most. selected.

Next, males took the role of ‘daughter-in-law (to parents-in-law)’ (27.1%) and ‘housewife role’ (24.9%), and women ‘role of husband’ (29.1%) and ‘role of son-in-law (to parents-in-law)’ (20.2%). %) ranked second and third, respectively. The 4th place was occupied by both men and women for ‘mother role (to children)’ (14.7%) and ‘father role’ (18.1%).

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