“Look at me because I’m a young child” 4 hours of adultery at a cafe Mother’s ‘request for leniency’

It is known that the mother of a man in his 40s who engaged in lewd behavior for four hours at a cafe where the female president was alone called the president and appealed for leniency.

On the 25th, in the Naver cafe ‘Because I’m sick, I’m the boss’, where self-employed people gathered, an article titled ‘A pervert came to the cafe. This is the writer’ was posted.

Writer A, who previously told the story that a regular customer had been engaging in lewd behavior while watching him, said, “I’m giving you a brief review,” after the male B turned himself in.

Mr. A said, “After work on the 22nd, I got a second call from the mother of the perpetrator.” . Our kid is a young kid. young kid… ’ were the first words,” she said.

Mr. B, the “youngster” that her mother wanted메이저사이트 to see, was in his 40s, 7 years older than Mr. A, and was a man who worked for her, said Mr. A.

Mr. A said, “(To Mr. B’s mother), I told him, ‘I don’t want to be lenient and surrender,’ but he wanted me to be lenient first rather than surrendering himself.” notified,” he said.

That night, she said, Mr. A was contacted by the police saying ‘Mr. B has come to embroider’.

Mr. A said, “Through the investigator, you asked me how to apologize, but I said, ‘I don’t want to be apologized for, and I don’t want mercy.'” Even if I prayed as much as possible, the apology doesn’t feel sincere, and there doesn’t seem to be any guarantee that it won’t happen again.”

Finally, Mr. A said, “I am grateful that the police station apologized for the delay and took measures to ensure the safety of the victim . ” You must have been anxious, but that part is very regrettable.” Earlier, in her post posted on her cafe on the 22nd, Mr. A introduced herself as a self-employed woman who ran a cafe for her 7th year and complained of the damage she suffered from sexual violence from Mr. B. Mr. A said, “A male customer who had come back from time to time before the corona came back after the corona, so I greeted him happily.” I went, but I felt grateful that there were no customers, and I was sitting in the kitchen looking at my phone.” However , Mr. A said that Mr. B always sat in a seat where she could see her, so she checked the CCTV . again

When I checked the CCTV , I was doing lewd acts by myself.”

Mr. A then confessed, “I reported it to the police, but I hate the cafe job, which I enjoyed so much, and I am suffering from nightmares for fear that the man will come again.”

Meanwhile, the Michuhol Police Station in Incheon said on the 24th that it had booked Mr. B without detention on charges of obscenity.

Mr. A turned himself in to the police at around 7:30 pm the previous day (23rd) when his case became known through media reports and the police started an investigation.

As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that Mr. A committed the crime while staying at a cafe in Michuhol-gu, Incheon for 4 hours from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm on the 10th.

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