This Chuseok holiday will be extended to 6 days… Government considers temporary holiday on October 2nd

It is expected that the government will designate안전놀이터 October 2, the weekday between the Chuseok holiday and National Foundation Day, as a temporary holiday. In this case, there will be a ‘golden holiday’ of 6 days including the Chuseok holiday and the National Foundation Day.

President Yoon Seok-yeol recently instructed his staff to consider designating October 2 as a temporary holiday. It is known that the power of the people, the ruling party, has also suggested designating a temporary holiday in consideration of boosting the domestic economy and public opinion.

If opinions are gathered on the designation of a temporary holiday after further discussions between the government and the government, it is expected that it will be presented as an agenda for the State Council chaired by President Yoon for deliberation and resolution. Temporary holidays are designated through a resolution of the State Council and approval of the President. It is interpreted that the background of President Yoon’s order is to revitalize contracted consumption through the six-day golden holiday that connects the Chuseok holiday and the National Foundation Day. It is also the first temporary holiday designated after President Yoon took office.

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