Panda, a dizzying moment… A child almost ate a dropped toy

At Everland, a dangerous situation was created in which the giant panda Lebao mistook a child’s toy that had fallen on the radiation field and almost bit into it. The zoo announced that the situation was safely over thanks to the quick response of the on-site staff, but there are criticisms of the carelessness of the visitors.

Zookeeper Song Young-gwan, who is taking care of the Everland pandas, posted an article on the zoo’s official cafe ‘Zootopia’ on the 28th, saying, “Le Bao, who스포츠토토 was curious about the new object that fell in his space, simply checked what it was like in the picture.” I confirmed that there were no injuries,” he said.

The accident happened on the 26th. A child who was watching in the arms of his father dropped a blue bus-shaped toy into the panda’s breeding ground. Seeing this, Le Bao picked up the toy and bit it, but luckily he didn’t swallow it. Other visitors informed the staff about this, and the situation was settled when the staff let Le Bao into the boudoir. Concerns about the safety of pandas have been raised as these eyewitness accounts and photos and videos from the site were spread online.

Zookeeper Song said, “I received an e-mail through Everland’s customer voice box.” “The e-mail from the child’s mother said, ‘I took my child to Panda World to meet Lebao and Fubao, but the child’s father broke the neck. It contained the content that I dropped the toy on the Lebao radiation field while trying to burn it.”

“(Mother) said that she tried not to stress the pandas as much as possible, but she accidentally dropped them unintentionally. He asked for it,” he added.

Zookeeper Song said, “Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with Le Bao, so I hope neither the parents nor the child will be hurt by too much guilt.” Follow,” he said.

Even after Song’s zookeeper’s post was posted, reprimands and concerns about the child and parents continued. Online, criticism was poured out, such as “If a child dropped a toy, the employee should have been notified immediately” “What’s the use of an apology email left belatedly?” In addition, there was a notice that said, ‘Do not ride a child’s neck’, and she was pointed out for violating it.

As the number of visitors who came to see the giant pandas increased recently, Everland announced several times to observe the viewing manners. In particular, indoor quiet was emphasized in consideration of pandas, who are sensitive to noise. Zookeepers also put up a signboard reading ‘shh!’ near the spot where Fubao often sits. However, when these guidelines were not followed, Everland decided to limit the viewing time of Panda World to 5 minutes from the 1st of next month.

Meanwhile, in Panda World, there are giant pandas Fubao, Aibao, Lebao and three red pandas. In particular, Fu Bao, who is popular as a little panda, was born in July 2020 between Ai Bao and Le Bao, who came to Korea in 2016. He was born and raised in Korea, but his ownership is in China. Everland is discussing the return of Fubao with the Chinese side, and the expected time of return is expected to be around March next year.

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