Shouting spread throughout the Seoul National University dormitory… saved by the police

A man who worked as a security guard at Seoul National메이저놀이터 University tried to commit suicide on the roof of the school building and was rescued 10 minutes later.

Seoul Gwanak Police Station rescued Mr. A, a man in his 50s and a former security guard at Seoul National University, at approximately 11:20 pm yesterday (11th).

At the time of rescue, Mr. A was found to be screaming while sitting on the railing on the 10th floor of the Seoul National University dormitory building.

Mr. A was drunk, which could have led to a dangerous situation, but the dispatched police rescued him by pulling him from behind.

Mr. A stated to the police, “He was recently notified of dismissal from school, and protested that it was unfair, but they did not listen.” After receiving the statement, the police handed over Mr. A to his family.

It was discovered that Mr. A was notified of dismissal from the school last July for drinking while working.

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