Biden’s approval rating is struggling… Debate over alternative presidential candidates in the U.S. Democratic Party

With a public opinion poll showing that U.S. President Joe Biden, who declared his bid for re-election, may struggle against most Republican presidential candidates, including former President Donald Trump, the theory of alternative candidates is rising again both inside and outside the ruling Democratic Party of the United States.

Vice President Kamala Harris was asked, “Are you ready to become commander-in-chief?” in a US CBS interview released on the 10th, and said, “I am ready if necessary. But Joe Biden (President) will be fine. ” This is a counterattack to the opposition Republican Party’s attack, pointing out President Biden’s age of 80 and saying, ‘If you vote for President Biden, Vice President스포츠토토 Harris will become president.’ However, as voices calling for an alternative candidate are growing among Democratic Party supporters, some are interpreting that Vice President Harris has signaled his intention to run for president if President Biden withdraws his re-election bid.

President Biden, who managed to put to rest the theory that he could not be re-elected by preventing the ‘Red Wave’ (Republican landslide victory) in last year’s midterm elections, has been engulfed in crisis theory again due to a recent decline in approval ratings. In a poll released by CNN on the 6th, 46% of respondents said that no matter which presidential candidate the Republican Party presents, it is a better choice than President Biden . In a Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ) poll, more than two-thirds of Democratic supporters responded negatively to President Biden’s re-election bid.

Even within the Democratic Party, there are public voices calling for an alternative candidate. Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips (Minnesota) pointed out bluntly last month, “If you want to beat Trump, you shouldn’t gamble on a politician in his 80s with an approval rating of 40%.” Franklin Foer, who published President Biden’s new memoir, recently ignited the ‘alternative candidate theory’ by saying in his NBC interview, “It would not be a complete surprise to me if President Biden withdraws his bid for re-election. “

In fact, on the 9th, The Hill, a media outlet specializing in the U.S. Congress, reported that Vice President Harris, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are among the Democratic Party’s leading alternative candidates if President Biden withdraws his re-election bid. was selected. In particular, the New York Times ( NYT ) highlighted Governor Newsom, who is visiting Republican-dominant states and debating abortion and racial education, and pointed out, “He is becoming the most prominent Democratic candidate.”

However, the dominant voice in the mainstream Democratic Party is that the presidential election should be held with President Biden at the center. Douglas Schoen, who was a political advisor to former President Bill Clinton, argued in an article, “If President Biden withdraws his bid for re-election, Trump’s position will be strengthened and his chances of being elected will increase.”

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