Daejeon elementary school teacher sheds tears… Records written during his lifetime have been revealed

A record written by an elementary school teacher in Daejeon who committed suicide was made public, claiming that her teaching rights were violated during her lifetime. It contained details of how they had suffered from malicious complaints from parents and an appeal that they did not know how long they would have to suffer like this. The funeral ceremony for the deceased teacher was held in tears today (9th).

TJB reporter Lee Su-bok reports.


Funeral ceremony for Mr. A, an elementary school teacher in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, who passed away on the 7th after suffering from malicious complaints from parents for four years.

The funeral home of Mr. A, who passed away after 메이저사이트donating his skin tissue to burn patients, was filled with cries.

The school playground where Mr. A worked was filled with students, fellow teachers, and citizens who wanted to be with the deceased, who was a very considerate and warm teacher, on his final journey.

[Hyun-ok Yoon/Teacher at Hongdo Elementary School in Daejeon: We are sorry for not being able to protect them, and we are also sorry for not being aware of these facts.] Records of Mr. A’s teaching rights being violated as he suffered malicious complaints from parents were also disclosed

. That’s it.

“A child in the class slapped another friend and asked the principal for guidance.”

“Parents came to us and asked for an apology, but the principal and vice principal did not help.”

Mr. A, who reported his case to the elementary school teachers’ union’s request for cases of violation of teaching rights last July, wrote that he was reporting because he did not know how long he would have to suffer like this.

Meanwhile, there was also testimony that teachers at Mr. A’s elementary school requested to delay the ‘Peer Scholarship’ open class scheduled for two days from the 5th, the day after ‘Public Education Stop Day’, but the school ignored this request.

[Park So-young/Daejeon Teachers’ Union Policy Director: You told the administrators (principal and vice-principal) that it would be difficult to promote peer scholarships as scheduled and that it would be a great burden.] The school said it would issue a separate statement regarding this

. I locked the door to the building, leaving it behind.

Meanwhile, numerous people continued to attack the workplace of a parent who was suspected of harassing the deceased person A by making malicious complaints.

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