“Short sleeves to go to work?”… Companies that don’t mind the heat

Cool biz outfits such as short sleeves토토사이트 and shorts are spreading, but there are still office workers who absorb the heat with their whole bodies. This is because there are not a few companies that still have restrictions on commuting attire for frequent meetings or for safety reasons.

According to the business world on the 26th, not only start-ups and IT industries, but also large corporations are adopting a voluntary dress code. In addition to business casual, short sleeves, shorts, hiking clothes and leggings are also allowed. However, there are not a few companies and industries that maintain suits even in summer.

A typical example is a general trading company. At Hyundai Corporation, it is difficult to find an employee wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt. Some employees were dressed in business casual, but the white shirts stood out. This is because external meetings are frequent due to the nature of general trading companies.

The management is also cautious about introducing a voluntary dress code. This is because executives recently expressed ‘concerns’ about free clothing such as hiking clothes and leggings.

There is also a company where the autonomous dress system has become a seed of conflict. In particular, in the manufacturing industry, different dress regulations are applied depending on office workers and production workers. For example, HD Hyundai introduced the Cool Biz system to the Pangyo Global R&D Center ( GRC ) from the 12th . HD Hyundai said, “Shorts are allowed, and time, place, and situation ( TPO), you can wear it freely.”

Over this, HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan shipyard workers are complaining, saying, “Why can’t we wear short sleeves and shorts?” HD Hyundai’s management is in the position that this is a measure to ensure safety at the shipyard site, but there is a strong voice among field production workers asking for them to wear clothes freely even when commuting.

In some places, sparks are even sparking the controversy over gender discrimination. At the Ulsan Shipyard, female employees are free to wear clothes to work, but the dress system is rigidly operated only for male employees.

One HD Hyundai Heavy Industries labor union member argued, “Are female employees at risk? Let’s just go to work comfortably.”

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