“Corporate card fraudulent use caught again”… Gwangju FC, it’s a top score, but it’s a mess

Professional football Gwangju FC is leading the K-League box office with a blast as a promoted team this season, but internal conflicts continue inside and outside the club.

Gwangju City’s audit revealed reckless club management, such as the unfair use of corporate cards by employees.

This is reporter Son Jun-su on the sidewalk.


Gwangju FC returned to K-League 1 this season!

The promoted team ended the first half in 5th place메이저사이트, causing a sensation.

But the situation outside the arena is bleak.

Following the controversy over unfair telegrams and accusations of defamation among employees, suspicions of power abuse in the workplace have recently been raised.

Here, the fact that the employees used corporate cards unfairly was revealed in the audit of Gwangju City.

The Gwangju City Audit Committee confirmed that Gwangju FC used a total of 50 million won as a corporate card for a total of 1 million won per month to A, who was not the target of activity expenses.

Earlier, in the 2020 audit, Manager A received a caution for using the corporate card over 200 times at entertainment bars, etc.

In addition, it was revealed that employees overcharged for travel expenses, paid an additional 6 million won, and promoted eight employees without review by the personnel committee.

Gwangju City Audit Committee notified 16 cases of appreciation to gwangju fc and recovered 2 million won.

Fans are very concerned about the series of noises.

[Soundbite Kim/CEO, Bitgoeul, Association of Gwangju FC Supporters] : “(Accounting fraud, etc.) has been corrected to prevent a recurrence…”] Gwangju FC reviewed the audit results and greeted related

employees He said he would refer it to the committee and consider legal action.

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