‘Basic double-tapping! Shall we try the home run king?’

Ohtani’s last name is not fulfilled with two-time batting jobs스포츠토토.

Could he be the major league home run champion?

Top play starts.

◀ Report ▶

Ohtani came out as the third hitter in 25 days.

He hit in the fourth inning, trailing 1–0.

He literally scooped the ball up his body.

The same store that intuitively felt a home run the moment it hit!

It is a large home run with a batted ball speed of 182 km/h and a distance of 136 m.

With the 26th season of the season, Ohtani became the solo leader in home runs in one day, overtaking Atlanta’s Olsen.

He is exploding with 11 home runs this month alone.

Can the Yankees’ judge be crowned the first home run king of his career with a long-term injury?

This time it’s Detroit’s beerling.

A deep hit to left field!

I go around 1st base and run to 2nd base~

At 2nd base~ Safe!

Wow, have you seen Sliding?

He switched hands in an instant to avoid the glove.

His wit and wit are perfect.

The last one is Lake Bi.

Catch the shortstop and go to first base~ Out!

Wow, Lindor’s fantastic defense with an accurate throw in one turn!

You make difficult moves so easy.

It’s been a top play so far.

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