I bought it believing in the cost performance, and it’s a lump of sodium… Check out the convenience store lunch box

Convenience store lunch boxes, which are attracting attention as a ‘cost-effective product’ amid rising food prices, are high in sodium, so care is needed when consuming them.

On the 28th, the Korea Consumer Agency announced a survey on the nutritional components of 10 convenience store lunch boxes with high consumer preference스포츠토토. As a result of the investigation, it was found that the sodium content per product was 1101 ~ 1721mg, which is 55 ~ 86% of the standard daily intake (2000mg) for adults. A bit too much for one meal.

The calories were 30-52% of the daily standard (2000 kcal). Carbohydrates (324 g of the daily standard) were 27-39%, protein (55 g) 36-71%, and fat (54 g) 24-77%. In addition, saturated fat (15g) was 21-63%, sugar (100g) 8-17%, and cholesterol (300mg) 7-51%.

The Korea Consumer Agency advised, “All products met the required amount for one meal, but the sodium content was rather high.

The Korea Consumer Agency also recommended that consumers concerned about fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol choose products with fewer side dishes such as stir-fried meat or fried foods.

By product, the number of side dishes ranged from 5 to 11 and the amount of side dishes ranged from 186 to 308 grams, a difference of 2.2 times and 1.7 times, respectively. The price was about the same at 4,500 to 5,200 won.

All of the products under investigation passed the test on five microorganisms, including Escherichia coli. No foreign matter was detected.

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