Osstem Implant voluntarily applies for delisting… suspension of trading

Osstem Implant announced on the 28th that it had submitted스포츠토토 an application for delisting to the Korea Exchange.

The delisting will be made according to the results of the Korea Exchange’s review of the application for delisting.

From 2:44 pm on the 28th, Osstem Implant trading was also suspended. The suspension period is until the date of the delisting decision.

An official from Osstem Implant said, “For the results of the temporary shareholders’ meeting for the delisting and future schedule, please refer to the Korea Exchange or the company’s related announcements.”

“The schedule after the approval of the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting for the delisting and the contents of investor protection measures may be subject to change according to the results of discussions with related organizations in the future, and if there are any changes, we will disclose them,” he explained.

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