Renault Korea’s ‘XM3’, perfect for a ‘first car’ for a newcomer to society

Renault Korea Motors said, “ The basic price of the XM3 1.6 GTe starts at 20.08 million won, but its outstanding marketability is recognized메이저사이트.” “The first car purchase burden is small, but the advanced driving system, safety, and design are clear advantages compared to other compact SUVs . ” did. The XM3

, which is called a ‘cost-effectiveness (price/performance) model’, is equipped with high-end LED Pure Vision headlamps, electronic parking brake ( E-PKB ), and one-touch safety power windows for all seats even in the lowest trim. Advanced driving assistance systems such as an emergency braking assistance system that detects vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, an inter-vehicle distance warning system, and a rear warning system are also applied.

Renault Korea’s XM3 was also recognized for its safety. It received the highest safety grade, Grade 1, in the automobile safety evaluation ( KNCAP ) of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. If you are a first-time car buyer who is still inexperienced in driving, the XM3 , which is equipped with an advanced driving system as standard and has been verified for safety by a national agency , will be a good option.

The digital environment of XM3 is also expected to meet the expectations of the younger generation. XM3 is an easy connect system equipped with real-time T-map navigation, allowing ordering and payment in the car. If you place an order and pay with the application on the monitor, T-map guides you to the store. After arriving, call the app and the store staff will deliver the ordered menu into the car. An employee who updates the software via wireless communication delivers the ordered menu into the car.Over The Air ( OTA ) , which updates software through wireless communication, enables wireless updates such as infotainment and navigation. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also automatically connected wirelessly, so you can easily use various infotainment systems on your smartphone in the car. The design and usability are high. The XM3 is the only coupe-type design among small domestic SUVs . The rear is not angled like a regular SUV , but falls smoothly like a coupe. Currently , it has the longest wheelbase (2720mm) and body length (4570mm) among domestic compact SUVs . The trunk space is also 513ℓ and the double trunk allows ample storage. For consumers who lead a variety of lifestyles, the XM3 with excellent space utilization is perfect. An official from Renault Korea Motors said, “ The XM3 won the ‘Design of the Year’ award and the ‘Compact SUV of the Year ‘ award selected by automobile journalists. ” He won the crown,” he said.

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