Jeong Yoo-jeong, who hit the victim more than 110 times… Also searched for ‘survivor murder’

It is practically impossible for vicious crimes to disappear. What we need to do is to carefully identify and analyze the incidents that have already occurred and prevent similar incidents from happening again as much as possible. We , JTBC , covered the investigation of Jeong Yoo-jeong, who was handed over to trial for murdering and abandoning her peers.

Reporter Hyo-Jeong Seo and Dr. Ra will tell you what the investigative authorities paid attention to in the way Jeong Yoo-jung committed the crime and in her words and actions after being arrested.

[Reporter Seo Hyo-jeong]

The apartment where the incident took place was quiet.

But people were afraid to even talk about it.

[Apartment official: Because the elderly are shocked… I’m so scared that I come out of my dreams, but please don’t hold the elders and talk to them.]

According to the prosecution, Mr. Jeong메이저사이트 showed cruelty by stabbing the victim more than 110 times with a weapon in the course of the crime.

Traces of damage were also found on parts of the body that did not cause fatal injuries.

[Lee Jung-bin / Forensic scientist (Jung Yoo-jeong case analysis): There are several stabbings in his palms with the tip of a knife. So, there was no resistance, but it was stabbed.]

Before discarding the body, it was found that related body parts were also cut to avoid fingerprint identification.

Jung’s brutal and elaborate method continued even after the crime.

At the time of the investigation, he said to the prosecutor, “Obviously he killed the victim, but he came back to life and talked to me,” and asked him to “do his mental evaluation.”

Criminal psychologists interpret that Mr. Jeong was aiming for a ‘mentally weak’ judgment.

[Lee Woong-hyeok/Professor of Police Department, Konkuk University: There are actual cases where the sentence was commuted in Korea when talking about delusion.]

Even in the prosecution’s investigation, it was different from the usual murder suspects.

It is said that he showed a calm appearance even after seeing the pictures of the brutal victims.

The result of Jung’s psychopath test was 26.3 points, and it was revealed that he belonged to the high-risk group, similar to serial killer Kang Ho-soon.

[Reporter Sara Park]

[I came because of her grandfather, Yoo-jeong.]

An apartment in Busan where Jeong Yoo-jeong lived alone with her grandfather.

The lights are on, but there is no answer beyond the tightly closed door.

[Jung Yoo-jung’s grandfather: No, I don’t even want to say anything. It’s so frustrating that there’s nothing more to say.]

Mr. Chung has lived apart from his parents since childhood and lived with his grandfather.

She told prosecutors that she felt betrayed and frustrated by her parents during this process, and that she also had conflicts with her grandfather.

She says that growing up without being properly cared for was the main reason she committed the crime.

Two days before the murder, it was confirmed that she spoke on the phone with her father and said words to the effect of predicting the murder.

She demanded an apology from her father for her difficult circumstances, saying, “If I do something big, Daddy will suffer” “If I do something big, I will die too”, but it was not accepted.

After failing to prepare for the actual college entrance exam and civil service exam, the anger was so great that he searched for ‘survival murder’ online.

As a result of the prosecution’s psychological analysis, it was found that there was also an opinion that ‘It seems that Mr. Jeong tried to harm a third person in order to cause pain to his father, who longed for affection’.

The anger that was initially directed at the family ended up returning to the innocent victim.

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