Shin Ethics Committee, severe punishment for ‘flood golf’ Hong Joon-pyo… Suspension of party membership for 10 months

On the 26th, the People’s Power Central Party Ethics Committee decided on a heavy punishment, ‘Suspension of party membership for 10 months’, for Daegu Mayor Hong Joon-pyo체스카지노, who caused controversy over ‘flood golf’.

The Ethics Committee made this decision after reviewing the explanation materials additionally submitted by Mayor Hong at a meeting held at the headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul that afternoon. On the 18th, CEO Kim Ki-hyun ordered a fact-finding investigation, and on the same day, the Ethics Committee presented an agenda to discuss disciplinary action for Mayor Hong, and the decision was made 8 days later.

When it became known that he went to play golf at a golf course in Daegu on the 15th, when heavy rain poured down in the Chungcheong and Yeongnam regions, Mayor Hong was criticized and subject to disciplinary action by the Ethics Committee. Mayor Hong posted on his social media on the 17th, “Where is the rule in the public service society that you can play tennis on the weekend and not golf ? ” The aggravated point was added as a reason for disciplinary action. As the situation progressed unexpectedly, Mayor Hong held a press conference on the 19th to apologize for his actions, voluntarily deleted two controversial SNS posts, and sent an apology, opinion, and emergency work status table to the Ethics Committee. Submitted.

However, on the 20th, after the Ethics Committee’s decision to initiate disciplinary action, Mayor Hong raised controversy again by expressing his dissatisfaction by posting the ancient phrase “excessive desire” (跨下之辱, shame to crawl under the crotch) on social media . He later said SNSAfter voluntarily deleting the post, from the 24th, he showed self-reflection by volunteering for flood damage. On that day, Mayor Hong did not attend the Ethics Committee, but only submitted explanatory materials, and volunteered for the third day in Yecheon-gun, North Gyeongsang Province to recover from flood damage.

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