“Is it going to explode?”… Secondary battery shakes the entire stock market, ‘heaven to hell’ 

The secondary battery, which recently led the KOSPI and KOSDAQ markets, led an upward trend until the morning of the 26th, and then suddenly plunged in the afternoon, shaking the entire stock market. Stocks that were the main drivers of the recent bull market, such as POSCO Group stocks and Ecopro Group stocks, turned into a sharp decline as profit-taking sales poured in. It’s like going back and forth between heaven and hell in half a day. Concerns are spreading that the side effects of the secondary battery concentration phenomenon, which had been close to the end, are in earnest.

▶Secondary battery stock price plunged by 20% during the day = On this day, in the stock market, POSCO Future M finished trading at 560,000 won, down 6.35% from the previous day. The closing price of POSCO Holdings was also recorded at KRW 630,000, down 4.26% from the previous day. Even in the morning, these stocks continued their upward trend for the 4th trading day and showed strength.

In particular, during the intraday, POSCO Future M rose 16.05% to 694,000 won, and POSCO Holdings rose 16.11% to 764,000 won, respectively, creating a surge. However, in the afternoon, the atmosphere reversed as it turned to a downward trend.

POSCO Future M fell 12.54% from the previous day to 523,000 won, and POSCO Holdings fell 8.97% to 599,000 won.

The rate of decline from the high point to the low point during the intraday was 24.6% for POSCO Future M (KRW 694,000 → KRW 523,000), POSCOHoldings reached 21.6% (764,000 won → 599,000 won). Investors who entered intraday highs lost more than 20% in one day.

The trend of the stock price slipping from hot water to cold water was the same for other secondary electronics stocks.

Ecopro BM and Ecopro, the 1st and 2nd largest stocks in the KOSDAQ market, also renewed their reported prices side by side at the beginning of the market and seemed to continue the sharp rise of the previous day, but in the afternoon, sales poured in and closed in a bear market.

Ecopro BM and Ecopro each recorded 584,000 won (26.41% increase from the battlefield) and 1,539,000 won (19.03% increase from the battlefield) at 1:00 pm, respectively, and wrote a new historical report, but began to plummet for an hour.

At 2:00 pm, the two events took a ‘bottom’ side by side. The lowest intraday price was 428,000 won for Ecopro BM, a decrease of 7.25% compared to the battlefield, and 1,136,000 won for Ecopro, a plunge of 12.14%. The rate of decline from the peak to the trough is 26.7% for Ecopro BM and 26.1% for Ecopro. However, these stocks closed at

455,000 won ( -1.52 %) and 1,228,000 won ( -5.03 %), respectively.

Ecopro BM’s market capitalization rose to 57.1157 trillion won based on the high price on the day, but only 44.4996 trillion won based on the closing price. In just half a day, 7 trillion won in market capitalization evaporated. The trading volume of Ecopro BM on this day was 10.97 million shares, twice the trading volume of the previous day (5.44 million shares).

It was the ‘ants’ who sold large-cap stocks of secondary batteries, which represent the KOSDAQ market, to the point of bringing down the stock price.

Individuals net sold Ecopro BM for 151.5 billion won, and Ecopro sold 291.2 billion won. On the other hand, it was tentatively tallied that foreigners net bought 301.6 billion won worth of Ecopro BM stocks and 139.5 billion won worth of Ecopro stocks. The LS

Group , which has recently emerged as a secondary battery theme키톤벳, also showed extreme volatility on this day. LS Networks closed the market right after opening, rising to the upper limit, but LS ( -5.91 %), LS ELECTRIC ( -17.23 %), and LS Cable & System Asia ( -10.27 %) all broke their 52-week highs and turned bearish. . The rate of decline from the peak to the trough during the intraday was 33.11% for LS , 34.33% for LS Electric, and 33.53% for LS Cable & System Asia.

▶Concerns over side effects of secondary battery bias become a reality = The stock market is looking at the rapid fluctuations in stock prices of secondary battery stocks that occurred on this day with a concerned eye. It is based on the judgment that the side effects of the tight supply and demand phenomenon, which had been dangerous until now, have finally become a reality. Shin Joong-ho, head of eBest Investment & Securities Research Center , said, “It is true that selling pressure (to realize profits) increases in the case of short-term profitable stocks. ” It seems that the emergence of other stocks worthy of purchase served as a catalyst for the sale of secondary batteries today.”

It is an analysis that the sharp decline in the industry shook the entire stock market because the supply and demand had been so concentrated in secondary batteries. Kim Ji-san, head of the research center at Kiwoom Securities, said, “If there is an excessive concentration on a specific stock or industry, there will be aftereffects.” This is maximized,” he said.

In the meantime, it has been pointed out that the recent surge in secondary batteries is an illogical trend that cannot be explained by corporate fundamentals (basic conditions).

For example, Meritz Securities and NH Investment & Securities withdrew their opinions on buying Posco Future M, saying that the stock price, which had soared 45% in the past month as of the previous day, was overvalued compared to the fundamentals.

In the case of Ecopro, individual stock analysis reports containing target prices and investment opinions have not been released since last May.

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