Presidential Office for Children to Color the Presidential Couple

At the Yongsan Children’s Garden, which was opened in May by President Yoon Seok-yeol, saying, “I will give the front yard of my office to children,” play activities and achievement publicity exhibitions are being held for children on the theme of President Yoon and his wife.

Recently, a captured copy of a post titled ‘Yongsan Park gave it to children to color’ was shared on various social media. The original post was posted on the community site Eastside (Issa) on the 24th. The picture in the post is a coloring book for children, and the sketch is a picture of an adult man and woman spending affectionate time with several puppies.

This man and woman are reminiscent of President Yoon Seok-yeol and his wife, Kim Gun-hee, in their hairstyles and facial contours. Compared to the picture taken on December 24 last year of the couple having fun with retriever puppies at the Samsung Fire & Marine Guide Dog School in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, they are very similar, only the background has changed.

Other coloring games that can be found on blogs written by visitors are of a man and woman holding hands and walking side by side with several children. It is understood that there is also a coloring game featuring a person who appears to be President Yoon and several other people without first lady Kim스포츠토토.  

Used to publicize the achievements of the President

This coloring game is one of the programs of the special exhibition ‘A Journey Started with the People’ held at the Yongsan Children’s Garden in Seoul. This exhibition, which shows the activities of President Seok-Yeol Yoon, is a special exhibition for children who dream big and imagine a great future! Have fun playing and studying together’, explains the exhibition outline.

The exhibition consists of ▲The future of the Republic of Korea drawn with photos of the president’s state affairs activities ▲Photo exhibition on the theme of diplomatic scenes to enhance Korea’s prestige ▲Free writing with word magnets ▲Choose and color the picture you want It consisted of participating activities such as the following ▲The president’s time with children and a fun play area.

In a word, it is an exhibition promoting the achievements of President Yoon, but the problem is that the people who watch and experience this exhibition are mainly children. In particular, children can have a positive attitude toward the coloring subject while playing coloring games. In other words, it is possible to positively imprint President Yoon and his wife in children who have not formed political consciousness. 

Yongsan Children’s Garden is part of Yongsan Park, and it was President Yoon’s promise to return this place, which had been used as a foreign military base for 120 years, to the people. Fulfilling the pledge itself can be a feat, but using the park to publicize the achievements of the president and beautify the presidential couple is difficult to say that Yongsan Park has returned to the public in its entirety.

Yongsan Children’s Garden is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the Korea Land and Housing Corporation was entrusted with its management and operation. However, this special exhibition was planned by the Office of the President, and the Office of the Public Relations Planning Secretary announced the news of the start of the special exhibition through a press release on June 9th.

Regarding the special exhibition provided with coloring games, the Presidential Office said, “This is a photo exhibition commemorating the first anniversary of the president’s inauguration. It is also possible to experience coloring the displayed photos.” You can draw,” he explained. 

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