Seoi-cho colleague teacher “Parents called a lot… They said it was creepy”

A colleague teacher’s statement came out that Mr. A, a teacher at Seoi Elementary School in Seocho-gu, Seoul, who was suspected of making an extreme choice due to ‘Parent Gapjil’메이저사이트, received several phone calls from a parent and had a hard time.

On the 20th, the Seoul Teachers Union released a report from fellow teacher B through SNS .

According to the report, Mr. A is known to have told Mr. B that a parent found out his personal cell phone number and called him several times to tell him that he was having a hard time.

Mr. B’s letter said, “I have never disclosed my number to my parents, and the school office has never given me my personal contact information, but my parents made a lot of phone calls,” and “I was horrified and said that I would have to change my cell phone number after vacation.”

The Seoul Teachers’ Union said that Mr. A received several calls after an incident in which a student scratched another student’s forehead with a pencil in his class last week.

An official from the Seoul Teachers’ Union explained, “I don’t know which parent it is, but (the informant) said it was either the parents of the perpetrator or the parents of the victim.”

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