“The late Seocho teacher suffered from 4 parents”

According to Oh My News on the 20th, the Seoul Teachers’ Union said체스카지노, “The deceased was constantly bullied by four parents of the first grade homeroom class.”

In this regard, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education told the media that the teacher’s bereaved family requested the police “to investigate whether there was a conflict with the parents.”

The deceased was a new teacher who first took office at the school in March of last year and was in his second year of teaching this year.

Immediately after the death of the deceased, a story spread in the education community that Mr. A, a new teacher who had just joined the church, suffered from complaints from parents while in charge of school violence. In particular, there were also suspicions that certain parents had continuously filed malicious complaints.

Regarding this, teacher A with 30 years of experience expressed regret to Edaily, saying, “School violence is a task that should be handled by an older teacher, but I don’t understand why it was entrusted to a new teacher.”

Meanwhile, as the controversy spread, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education began to evolve.

The Office of Education said on the same day, “The teacher was not in charge of school violence, and one related incident that occurred in the classroom recently was concluded in one day after the parents amicably reconciled.” He added, “The first-year homeroom teacher was the one he hoped for.”

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