Seocho-gu Elementary School’s revised entrance statement… “It seems to have been missed in the parent meeting review process”

As I said earlier, what should I say about the story now? In a situation where the true nature of this incident is not being revealed, many different things are going on. We will connect you via video call. Reporter Park So-yeon is connected to the Ministry of Education in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education.

Looking back now, I said that I was in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, and I see a lot of artificial flowers there, right?


The atmosphere here is very different from usual.

Countless garlands are installed here.

I’ve been thinking about what the best way to convey the atmosphere here is, but I think reading this as it is is the best way to convey this atmosphere.

There are phrases such as “Teachers are precious children”, and there are also messages such as “I mourn the teacher who left at the age of a flower”.

There is also a request, “Please clarify the truth of the unfair death.”

I have been here for a long time, and to this day, teachers in black clothes continue to pay tribute.


Harmony is the road I’ve been there, but it’s also a hilly road and there’s a lot of harmony? How much?


There are so many that I can’t count, I think I can explain it like this.

It is still being installed.


I heard that a while ago, the bereaved family came and made an announcement in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. What is it?


The deceased’s maternal uncle attended.

If you want to summarize a little bit, you said that we need to find out what caused the extreme choice.

He warned us to find out the cause of death, whether it be parental abuse메이저사이트, civil complaints, or work stress.

Also, there was a part where he was angry like this, and he pointed out that it seemed that the school’s position was that there was no problem.

He also pointed out that it should be revealed even in the part where one entrance statement has been changed.


Before the broadcast, I had a brief conversation with reporter Park Seon-young, and he told me about the change in the entrance door. What are your reactions to this part?


I have the entrance door in my hand right now.

To summarize the contents, “There was no report of school violence this year. Also, the teacher in question did not visit the Office of Education. Regarding school violence.” There was also this content, and it was said that “the politician’s family did not have this class”.

But now, if there is a difference between the original version, the original statement, and now the final version, there is a part like “The issue between students known to have occurred in the class was resolved the next day after it occurred under the support of the school.”

However, this was omitted from the final version.

So, now that I’ve done an interview, the answer from the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education was to review the position announced at the school’s parents’ association, and in that process, it seems that this part was omitted from the statement.

The most questionable part of this case is why the teacher died, did he die at school, there are parts like that.

There is a cause of death in this part, so it seems that the part where suspicion is aroused is a situation where accurate truth identification is needed more than anything else.


Is this a situation where the deceased teacher A left no will or clues to guess?


It seems that this is the part where the police investigation is going on right now.

As the police investigation progresses, it seems that we can find out some more precise matters.


That’s right. And lastly, because we are in front of the Office of Education. Previously, Superintendent Cho Hee-yeon took a stance, and Deputy Prime Minister Lee Ju-ho and Deputy Prime Minister Lee Ju-ho also made a stance. How are the education authorities looking at this issue now?


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Lee Joo-ho said, “At the end of a teacher’s life in school, suspicions are being raised that a serious infringement of teacher rights is the cause. If this is true, it is a major preservation for the education world.”

He said, “Above all, we will analyze the root cause and move on to improving the system.”

Cho Hee-yeon, superintendent of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, said, “I feel a miserable and deep sense of responsibility.” “The council of city and provincial superintendents of education, the National Assembly, and the Ministry of Education have proposed forming a joint table to protect educational authority. [Anchor] Reporting in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of

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