Malaysia Cross Only ’41 Times’…’Relying on Lee Kang-in’ Cleansman Tactical Limits are Clear

It was a game in which Jürgen Klinsmann, who relies too much on Lee Kang-in, revealed the lack of tactical capabilities of the Korean national soccer team coach.

South Korea attempted 41 crosses against Malaysia in 110 minutes combined with the first and second half of the extra time, with only 10 of them successful.

South Korea’s national soccer team, led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann, drew 3-3 after a rough match against Malaysia in the third Group E match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation Qatar Asian Cup at Al-Zanub Stadium in Al-Wakra, Qatar on the 25th (Korea time).

Both the offense and defense of the Klinsmann team were frustrating. Korea tried to create an opportunity through linking plays between a striker and a fullback from the side, but the finish was not sharp. Korea’s only attack to break down the opponent team’s dense defense was a side cross. Korea’s cross in the match against Malaysia was blocked by the opponent team’s defense or out of timing, which did not lead to a goal.

Above all, it was notable that the team relied heavily on Lee Kang-in for its offense, just like the first and second games. After losing the equalizer to Bahrain in the first match, Korea regained the lead through Lee Kang-in’s fantastic mid-range shot. Lee Kang-in was also the one who scored an additional goal in the match against Bahrain.

In the second game, Lee Kang-in was blocked, so the attack was not solved. Lee Kang-in recorded 17 turnovers (loss of offensive rights) in the match against Jordan, but frustrating attacks continued as the stem could not be extended from Lee Kang-in, the core of the attack development.

Game 3 also tended to rely on Lee Kang-in. South Korea tried to lure the opponent’s defense by attacking through the left side, but sent a pass to Lee Kang-in on the other side to change direction. If Lee Kang-in could not drag the ball, he pulled the ball back and started the build-up.

Jung Woo-young’s first goal came from Lee Kang-in’s toes, and the equalizer that he scored after allowing Malaysia to turn the tables was also his responsibility. Lee played a hero role in his team by scoring a wonder goal in this match following the first leg.

However, the more Lee Kang-in performed, the deeper the doubts about Clinton’s tactical capabilities. Clinton has been criticized for lacking detailed tactics before, but her voice of criticism has dwindled as the Korean team won all six of its A-matches before the Asian Cup after winning its first win in an away match in Europe in September last year. However, Clinton’s tactical capabilities have come under fire again through the Asian Cup group qualifying round.

Even in the case of Lee Kang-in, Korea’s performance was close to the worst, as it would not be awkward even if it was given the disgraceful title of “Do me a soccer match.” According to soccer statistics media “Sopa Score,” Korea attempted 41 crosses in the match against Malaysia alone. Korea recorded 23 crosses in the first match and eight crosses in the second match. 헤라카지노도메인

It can be interpreted that the end of the Korean attack was a cross. As he failed to play the game in detail despite maintaining 80 percent of possession, he tried to create opportunities by continuously crossing from the right and left sides. However, he only succeeded in crossing 10 times, and even these crosses failed to lead to a goal. As everyone knows, two of Korea’s three goals came from set piece, and one from penalty kick.

Lee Kang-in was in charge of nearly half of the 41 crosses South Korea attempted against Malaysia. He had five successful attempts.

It is hard to expect that Coach Klinsmann’s tactical incompetence will improve immediately. The competition has already begun, and now Coach Klinsmann has to prepare for the tournament. Rather, the best way to maintain and refine the direction in which he believes in specific players and their individual abilities as it is right now.

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